VINCE NEIL Talks MÖTLEY CRÜE Reunion, New Solo Single

Mike Ross of the Edmonton Sun recently spoke to former MÖTLEY CRÜE singer Vince Neil about the possibility of a CRÜE reunion and his solo career, among other topics. Seveal excerpts from the interview follow:

Sun: We're told that this show may be the last chance to see you before you rejoin MÖTLEY CRÜE in 2005. Can you give us some details on that?

Vince: "I don't have any details to give out. It could be or it couldn't be. We're not sure what we're doing. Everybody's got their own things going right now. I've been on tour since April, I've got a new record coming out next year and Tommy's doing his book thing and whatever. It's hard to get four busy guys together to do something as massive as a MÖTLEY CRÜE reunion."

Sun: Tell me about the new record.

Vince: "There is no new record."

Sun: You said you have a record coming out next year.

Vince: "Oh, my record. I did record four new songs for MÖTLEY, but I've got a new single that I just finished. It's a song called 'Promise Me', written by Desmond Child, so obviously it's a pretty f---ing cool song. It doesn't sound like MÖTLEY. It sounds like, I don't know, it kinda has a U2 feel."

Sun: You guys were known for such colourful rock star behaviour. Are you comfortable maintaining that image at this point in your life?

Vince: "Those stories, when you're younger, everybody does that. We just got more press about it. It's not like you set out to go and get as f---ed up as you can and destroy a hotel room. When was that ever fun? But when you're in your early 20s and somebody gives you a million dollars and some fame, you're going to go out and have a great time. I don't think people expect that now. I think it's kind of lame if they did. You can't live like that. It's false. People have homes and most people have families and live a pretty normal lifestyle. It isn't what people think it is."

Sun: Back to the CRÜE reunion, are you up for it? I know you're the last holdout.

Vince: "If it happens, it happens. If not, it really doesn't matter to me. My life goes on."

Sun: Do you want to do it?

Vince: "It's not like I'm looking forward to it. I enjoy what I'm doing now. I love going out and playing the smaller venues and having a good time with the guys in my band. In MÖTLEY there's a lot more brain damage. You have four people running a show instead of one. There are a lot more problems with big productions. There's a lot more to it than what I do."

Sun: OK, if it were up to you, if you could push a button and make the MÖTLEY CRÜE reunion happen, would you?

Vince: "Yeah, I probably would."

Sun: That's all I want to know. Tell me about the four new MÖTLEY CRÜE songs. Do you play those live?

Vince: "No. We did them a couple of months ago. There's nothing to tell about them. They're just some good sounding songs. I don't know if they're for MÖTLEY or not. I recorded them with Nikki (Sixx) and Bob Rock and I sang on them. I'm not sure what they're going to be used for."

Sun: Have all the resentments been cleared up between you?

Vince: "What do you mean?"

Sun: You know, the arguments, disagreements ...

Vince: "MÖTLEY hasn't talked to each other in five or six years. I talk to Nikki a lot, but that's about it."

Sun: He seems to be the most keen on getting back together.

Vince: "I guess. We don't really talk business when we talk."

Read the rest of the interview at this location.


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