VANDERHOOF Split With Singer, Announce Replacement

VANDERHOOF, the band led by METAL CHURCH guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof, have parted ways with vocalist Drew Hart (ex-TIMELESS HALL).

"VANDERHOOF vocalist Drew Hart has apparently moved on to greener pastures pursuing a full-time career in massage therapy," reads a message on the band's official web site. "He went home to Indiana before the holidays and declined to return in order to rehearse and gear up for live performances, touring and recording.


"After conducting an extensive national search, we are happy to announce that we have found an extraordinary new singer, John DiBernardo. John has an extensive musical background, notably singing and playing guitar in the popular Northwest-based group JAUGERNAUT. We are glad to welcome him on board and are throwing him head-first into rehearsals! YES.. this IS singer #3 (aye carrumba!), but as they say, third time's the charm!"

VANDERHOOF's sophomore full-length effort, "A Blur In Time", will finally receive its long-overdue North American release on May 20.