TURMOIL Wants You To 'Go F**k Yourself'

Philadelphia hardcore/metal band TURMOIL recently entered the studio to record material for a new full-length album, to be released late spring/early summer via Eulogy Recordings. Tracking for the band's first LP since 1999's "The Process Of" has been taking place at Skylight Studios in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, with Vince Ratti (THE MINOR TIMES, A LIFE ONCE LOST) engineering. The effort will likely consist of roughly twelve tracks clocking in at over 40 minutes of music.

TURMOIL guitarist Jeff Hydro has penned a blog for the HardTimes.ca web site where he discusses possible new album titles and more.

"'Go Fuck Yourself' is what we really wanted to call the new record, but we figured that it's going to be hard enough for Eulogy to get it into the stores it should be in, so we decided to lighten it up a bit, in our own way," Hydro writes. "So, the new record is gonna be called 'The International Language of 'Get Fucked'', and in keeping with the title of the last full-length CD (i.e. 'The Process Of...'), this one will probably have 'The International Language Of....' on the outside of the CD and on the spine, and on the inside it'll have '...'Get Fucked''.

"Pushnik (our drummer, and resident vegetarian) took a great picture while he was at Lew Blum Towing in Philadelphia awaiting the release of his impounded automobile (and if anyone on here is familiar with Philly, you'll know that this office is about three blocks from being located directly in the center of the asshole of America), and this picture is of something someone carved into the wooden windowsill that surrounds the bullet-proof glass window where you pay to get your car back, which simply says 'welcome to Satan's asshole.'

"If I have a vote (and I do), this will be in the CD tray, under the CD.

"Here are some of the songtitles we have so far: 'We Are the Varsity', 'F'd in the A', 'Mountain of Cobras', 'Papercuts', 'Full Leather Jacket vs. Denim Vest' (which is actually gonna be tracked as two separate songs), the title track, and another one which may be called 'Riff Rider'. We also recorded a cover of BLACK FLAG's 'My War', which, I gotta say, came out amazingly awesome. I'd like to play it live, but we gotta vote on that one.

"To describe what it sounds like, I'd have to say mix in equal parts of 'The Process Of..', the riffage of 'The Kiss of Death', and the upbeat, catchy, hooks of 'The Deadly', and that would be the new record. So you can see where we're going with this; this record is going to reflect our individual personalities WAY more than any TURMOIL project has in the past. There's no more playing it 'safe,' or making the t-shirts or CD layouts or song titles or lyrics or tour posters or anything else be what they 'should' be or what a typical metal or hardcore record 'should' be; this one is simply 'us.'

"If you personally know any of us at all, you know what I mean, because quite honestly, WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK. We've been doing this long enough, we know who we are, we know what we like, and we know what's good, so this is what you get, and if you don't like it, then you can GO FUCK YOURSELF.

"See, this is part of the reason we wanted to call the record that, along with the fact that this is how we feel about America, and George Bush, and 90% of the humans on the planet, and 99.9999% of the bands making 'music' on this planet, etc. etc. etc

"You get the idea, I hope."

Blending early death and thrash metal influences along with some crust punk into the mix like no other since, TURMOIL's three full-lengths on Century Media, "From Bleeding Hands" (1995), "Anchor" (1998), and "The Process Of" (1999) led the band on multiple world tours where they built fan bases that remain loyal as ever. In late 2005, the band released a comprehensive double-disc discography, "Staring Back", as a testament to the ground they had broken throughout that decade.


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