TRIPTYKON Mainman Interviewed By Swiss Church Publication REFORMED

TRIPTYKON/ex-CELTIC FROST mainman Tom Gabriel Warrior was interviewed by the Reformiert (German word for "reformed"), the monthly German-language publication of the evangelical-reformed church of Switzerland and one of Switzerland's largest publications (with a circulation in excess of 719,000). Among the other personalities interviewed for the feature — a thematic examination of the topic of "evil" — are Hans Saner (philosopher and journalist), Eugen Drewermann (theologian and psychoanalyst), Frank Urbaniok (head physician of the psychiatric-psychological department of the judiciary enforcement of the State of Zurich), Claudia Wiederkehr (federal prosecutor), Werner De Schepper (former chief editor of the Swiss tabloid Blick and vice president of the media commission of the Swiss episcopal conference), Ulrike Zöllner (associate professor for applied psychology). Each one of the interviewees is represented with an approximately 300-word summary of a dedicated and far more exhaustive interview. Check it out at this location.

A rough translation of the Warrior portion of the article follows below.

What is fascinating about evil? Tom Gabriel Fischer alias Tom G. Warrior, one of the most influential musicians in extreme heavy metal, answers: "There's nothing fascinating about evil. I hate evil. It's the reason for my music. Evil is reality. If you want to survive you have to kill others so you can secure your living space. This instinct is deeply rooted in every living creature on this planet and is kind of a leitmotif of history. Human beings have been given the ability to do evil things, and, for the reasons cited above, they can't really be blamed. If a so-called god or another power is responsible for that, I don't know.

"In my music I deal with evil. In my childhood and adolescence I made the acquaintance of evil. Back then I was in a situation where all the people around me turned against me because I didn't grow up like others. At the age of 6 I was on my own and desolate. I had no one to take care of me. Therefore, I stuck out like a sore thumb in our village. The villagers — all Christian — let me feel that every day. They pestered me for years. Nobody did anything about it. I tried to free my mind from reality by maniacally reading books, including the bible. But I only felt really free with my music: because it kept the people around me away. Nobody wanted to listen to this music. Normal society — which for me was evil — was disgusted by this kind of music because it was so hard, loud and sick.

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"People are fascinated by the illusion that good is more powerful than evil. That's naïve. I'm fascinated by the darkness of the forests, by the cold. They radiate an esthetic that soothes me, like death. Of course Jesus was right, if he existed as a person, when he talked about the equality of men, about love, which is stronger than everything. That had also been the hope of little Tom. I would have fallen to my knees for a bit of love. I didn't have a choice. I was forced to see the bad things, maybe that's the reason why I'm more aware of how universal evil is. I don't belong to any religion, not the Satanic one either. Religion is the expression of human helplessness. To believe means not to know. I'm a realist. If anything is fascinating, it's love. Evil is real."

TRIPTYKON will follow its highly acclaimed debut album, "Eparistera Daimones", with the release of "Shatter", an all-new five-track EP, on October 25 (Europe) and October 26 (North America).

At a playing time of approximately 28 minutes, "Shatter" will consist almost entirely of previously unreleased music.

The EP's track listing is as follows:

01. Shatter
02. I Am The Twilight
03. Crucifixus

(Recorded during the "Eparistera Daimones" album sessions in 2009. "Crucifixus" appears in a newly mixed and mastered version.)

04. Circle Of The Tyrants (live)
05. Dethroned Emperor (live)

(Cover versions of CELTIC FROST songs, recorded live during TRIPTYKON's headliner performance at the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands, on April 16, 2010. "Dethroned Emperor" features guest lead vocals by Nocturno Culto of DARKTHRONE/SARKE.)

TRIPTYKON's "Shatter" EP will be available through Century Media Records (under license from Prowling Death Records Ltd.) as CD, digital download, and 12" vinyl (at 33 rpm). The EP will further contain the lyrics to all songs as well as detailed liner notes and credits.

TRIPTYKON will tour North America with 1349 and YAKUZA in October.

TRIPTYKON consists of V. Santura (guitar, vocals), Norman Lonhard (drums, percussion), Vanja Slajh (bass), and Tom Gabriel Warrior (voice, guitars). The group has unambiguously stated that it pursues the continuation and further development of the path Warrior began in HELLHAMMER and CELTIC FROST.

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