TOURNIQUET Drummer's 'The Slave Ring' Track Featuring Ex-MEGADETH Guitarist CHRIS POLAND

TOURNIQUET is widely known for its outspoken voice against animal abuse and has previously released songs that focused on that subject matter. This time, however, drummer and songwriter Ted Kirkpatrick devotes an entire album, "Onward To Freedom", to the struggles and abuses animals face. The CD features songs about the plight of shelter animals in need of homes, the brutal world of factory farming, animals in captivity, dog fighting, wildlife issues, animal experimentation, and more.

Ted says: "What happens to animals — all animals — matters greatly to me. There is currently a powerful awakening happening all across the globe. It is this: that we humans are not the only ones who seek and deserve a life free from cruelty, suffering and oppression. 'Onward To Freedom' evokes an overall sense of compassion for all creatures."

Ted is joined by an impressive array of guest artists on "Onward To Freedom". The title track features Michael Sweet (STRYPER) on vocals and lead guitar, and Mattie Montgomery (FOR TODAY) on vocals. Other guests include guitarists Marty Friedman, Chris Poland, Bruce Franklin (TROUBLE), Tony Palacios (GUARDIAN), Rex Carroll (WHITECROSS), and Aaron Guerra (TOURNIQUET). Guest vocalists include Doug Pinnick (KING'S X, KXM), Gabbie Rae, Kevin Young (DISCIPLE), Blake Suddath (YOUR MEMORIAL), Nick Villars (SLEEP STAR IGNITION), and Luke Easter (TOURNIQUET), plus a powerful narration by seven-time Emmy Award-winning actor Ed Asner.

"Onward To Freedom" was mixed and mastered by ace producer Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome Studios and was released on TOURNIQUET's own label, Pathogenic Records, on November 11, 2014.

The official lyric video for the track "The Slave Ring", featuring former MEGADETH guitarist Chris Poland, can be seen below. The song brings awareness to the brutal unjust world of dog fighting.