STUCK MOJO Guitarist Confirms Lineup For Reunion Show

Guitarist Rich Ward has confirmed that SICK SPEED bandmate Keith Watson (formerly of Charlotte, North Carolina's OBEY BIZAR) will join the reunited STUCK MOJO when they hit the stage at the Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia on New Year's Eve.

"Yeah, Keith will play bass for the band," Ward stated. "He was in a band called CHILD OF RAGE that opened many shows for MOJO on tour, starting back in '93 (before 'Snappin' Necks') and even played the 'Pigwalk' release show. Keith has been a friend to MOJO for a long time and knows more about what MOJO is about than anyone I can think of. His history with us, fact that he is a killer bass player and is also my bandmate in SICK SPEED, makes him the obvious choice to play bass for the band. If we did other shows I would love to have [former bassist] Corey [Lowery] jam with us, but his schedule with STEREOMUD keeps him real busy. As for second guitar player issue, we agreed that it would be best to stick to mostly older tunes and the classic 4-piece lineup for this show."


STUCK MOJO's performance at the Masquerade will mark the second New Year's Eve reunion in a row for the group, which officially split up in 2000. There are currently no plans for the band to play any additional dates following the Atlanta show.