STATIC-X: New Pain

STATIC-X are hard at work on the follow-up to 2001's "Machine", due in the fall through Warner Bros. Records. The album will feature the first writing collaborations between frontman Wayne Static and guitarist Tripp Eisen, who replaced Koichi Fukuda in December 2000.

"It's refreshing for me," Static told Rolling Stone about his new writing partner. "Before, I had to do all the music and all the vocals. Now, here's somebody coming in with all these great musical ideas, and all I have to do is try to make vocal parts for it. Tripp's got a real punk rock attitude toward all the songs he writes, and a lot of that will reflect in the new record."


The new material, which is being pieced together and demoed at Static's home in Burbank, California, will see the singer softening his vocals a bit and focusing more on melody.

"Vocally, I'm trying to take a whole different approach," Static said. "I hate it when bands make the same album over and over. It's still very pissed-off sounding, but it's a little less 'cookie-monster' and a little more melodic. I've done the full-on-balls-out-screaming thing for three or four years now. Where you gonna go from that? Back in the Eighties, I used to write ballads on my acoustic guitar, so it seems very natural to me to go back to a little singing."

Among the 20 tracks already amassed for the forthcoming album are the following:


01. Shadow Zone
02. The Only
03. New Pain
04. Deliver Me
05. Breathe