SOULS OF WE Schedules Live Debut

The collective foursome known as SOULS OF WE — featuring legendary guitarist George Lynch (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB) and charismatic frontman London Legrand (BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION) — will make its live debut on Saturday, May 23 at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, California. For this special show, the band will perform its "Let The Truth Be Known" album in its entirety.

SOULS OF WE's lineup for the concert will be as follows:

George Lynch (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB) - Guitar
London LeGrand (BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION) - Vocals
Jordan Mancino (AS I LAY DYING) - Drums

Lynch and Legrand came together by a chance meeting on Melrose in Hollywood. "Back when George was putting together LYNCH MOB, I read in a magazine that he was looking for a singer," explains Legrand. "I made a homemade audition tape on my jam box and sent it to his manager, but I never got a call back. Anyway, years later I'm standing on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood and I see George. I decided I didn't have anything to lose, so I walked up to him and said, 'How come you never got back to me on that tape?' He looked confused at first and then started laughing. We hit it off immediately and he invited me to come check out a new batch of songs he was working on. He gave me a tape of music, and that night I went home and finished three songs."

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The chemistry between Lynch and Legrand was instant and undeniable. "London is a unique visionary and poet," stated Lynch. "His words are powerful and descriptive. I feel like I have finally found my musical soulmate."

Rounding out SOULS OF WE's recording lineup was powerhouse drummer Yael (TOM MORELLO, ALEX SKOLNICK) and bassist Johny Chow.

"SOULS OF WE is a dream band where I got to pick and chose players not because one is more famous than the other, but because I really respect and want to play with these people," stated Lynch. "We auditioned many technically great drummers, but something was missing," says Lynch. "When Yael walked in, she brought the swagger and sleaze we were looking for as well as technical ability."

Chow and Lynch were introduced by a mutual friend. "A friend of mine kept telling me that George and I would hit it off and that I would be perfect for his new project," says Johny. "Yael was already in the picture, and I had already played in three other bands with her, so I knew the chemistry was there. After hearing the music, I knew this could be something great."

With all of the elements of danger, lust, life, rebellion and love, SOULS OF WE has crafted one of the most honest and brilliant albums of the decade. Their explosive debut effort, "Let The Truth Be Known", is a modern rock album that can't be pigeonholed to any time or genre. From sex-fueled rockers ("Push It", "Come and Go") to songs about inner demons and personal struggles ("January"), this band of rock 'n' roll saviors is making music that's both honest and innovative.

Lynch and Legrand originally started crafting the songs that would ultimately make up "Let The Truth Be Known" five years ago. However, the project was temporarily put on hold for a couple of years while Lynch worked on various projects and Legrand joined BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION, the band featuring Nikki Sixx of MÖTLEY CRÜE and Tracii Guns from L.A. GUNS. After the BRIDES split, Legrand and Lynch rekindled their partnership and finished work on their most ambitious project yet.

"Let The Truth Be Known" was self-produced in various studios around Los Angeles and mixed by Mudrock (AVENGED SEVENFOLD, GODSMACK). The record features several guest musicians including, drummer Morgan Rose (SEVENDUST) and bassist Fred Leclercq (DRAGONFORCE). "We went in to this project with no funding, no label, no producer and no band," explains Lynch. "We were just doing demos and making the music that we wanted to make. There was no one looking over our shoulders and no deadlines."

When asked about the music, Legrand offers his insight on a couple of the songs. "'Let The Truth Be Known' is a song that shouldn't piss off anybody that's not guilty of the words I'm saying. It's a fuck you to those who fucked me. 'January' is a true story of deception fueled by drug addiction. I wrote this song about the final days of BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION.”

"The music is dangerous and beautiful at the same time, but it definitely has a fuck you element to it," states Legrand. "The songs are very personal to me. Growing up, I was really quiet and shy and writing was my way of being heard. There are a lot of kids out there that think they're in this world alone. I want to let them know they're not alone. We are all the souls of we."

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