SONIC SYNDICATE To Release 'Confessions' Album In October

Swedish/British modern metallers SONIC SYNDICATE will release their new album, "Confessions", on October 14 via Despotz Records. The CD was recorded at Purple Skull Music with producer Kritoffer Folin and is said to be "the band's most diverse and unique work to date."

SONIC SYNDICATE will support AMARANTHE on a European tour in October/November.


Comments the band: "On October 14th we will release our brand new album, 'Confessions', and we can not think of a better way of doing it than to celebrate with our fans.

"With that said, we're excited to officially reveal that we'll be hitting the road with AMARANTHE across Europe in October/November.

"AMARANTHE has a similar relationship to their fans, and we know that this is going to be one of the most heartfelt and intimate tours ever. Opening band SMASH INTO PIECES also brings their own style. Musically, we complement each other to the point that the whole evening with all shows will be an adventure for the crowd.


"This isn't only going to be memorable; people will say this is how all tours should be."

Asked how the new CD compares to SONIC SYNDICATE's previous releases, vocalist Nathan J. Biggs recently said: "I think we always make a conscious effort to not repeat ourselves, definitely."

Added guitarist Robin Sjunnesson: "And we say it all the time, but that's how it is: we never repeat ourselves. Every album is like a new experiment for us. But this one is definitely a completely new sound."

Continued Nathan: "This one's unique in the fact that we literally haven't decided anything or limited ourselves to anything. We have literally just gone from whatever the hell we wanna write, whatever feeling it is."

Said Robin: "We wrote almost a completely full album, and we were kind of pretending, 'Yeah, this is good. This is good.' But you could feel it: 'Nah, it's not there. It's not where we wanna take this.' So we basically just trashed it."


Nathan: "We got our own studio and we did pre-production, and we had at least ten finished songs. We liked some of them, and some of them were really heavy and really rocking, but we were just like, 'It's not quite there. It's not good enough. Is this what we wanna do?' And we scrapped the whole record. And then we literally just wrote from the heart, with no limitations on genre or anything."

Robin: "Exactly. We kind of agreed: 'Let's just write whatever comes now.' Like, 'What's on the fingertips? What do we wanna do right now?' And I guess that's also why the new album is… We all love it."

Nathan: "I've never enoyed recording an album this much before — just pure fun from our side."

Robin: "We're trying out new stuff that we haven't tried before, and that's fun."

SONIC SYNDICATE last year parted ways with longtime bassist Karin Axelsson and replaced her with Michel "Miche" Bärzén (DEGRADEAD).

SONIC SYNDICATE's self-titled fifth album was released on July 4, 2014 via Nuclear Blast.


Nathan J Biggs - Vocals
Robin Sjunnesson - Guitars
Michel Bärzén Bass
John Bengtsson - Drums