SONIC SYNDICATE Interviewed By Germany's EMP ROCK INVASION (Video)

Germany's EMP Rock Invasion recently conducted an interview with Anglo-Swedish modern metal powerhouse SONIC SYNDICATE. You can now watch the chat below.

The self-titled fifth album from SONIC SYNDICATE was released on July 4 via Nuclear Blast. The CD includes a total of 11 tracks, while the limited edition digipak features no less than three bonus tracks.


"Sonic Syndicate" track listing:

01. Day Of The Dead
02. Black Hole Halo
03. Long Road Home
04. My Revenge
05. Before You Finally Break (feat. Speed/SOILWORK)
06. Catching Fire
07. Unbreakable
08. It Takes Me
09. See What I See
10. So Addicted
11. The Flame That Changed The World

Limited-edition bonus tracks:


12. Diabolical Work Of Art
13. What We Shared
14. Another Soldier Down

Commented SONIC SYNDICATE guitarist, main songwriter and founding member Robin Sjunnesson: "We decided to go with this one as a 'self-titled' release. Mainly because as an album, we have put everything we've got into it. All of our experience as musicians, the evolution of the music, the sound from all eras of the band, and also the road we have taken as people. This is us, this is SONIC SYNDICATE in all its beauty and destruction. It shows our strength, our love for melody, our scars, our energy. The cover art is a definite representation of that. In the background, a battle-torn city laid to waste, four figures emerging together with only each other to depend on in an environment so harsh, only those with a tough heart, body and soul can survive.

"The tone throughout this album is definitely darker, and as my Swedish family would say, 'with a red line running in the middle,' so we put this into the color scheme.

"We could not be more proud of this album, and we thank our fans for the support; it's because of them that we're here. This album is for you."

The video for the song "Before You Finally Break" was shot by renowned director Patric Ullaeus (IN FLAMES, DIMMU BORGIR) and features SOILWORK singer Björn "Speed" Strid on guest vocals.


Commented SONIC SYNDICATE singer Nathan James Biggs: "I'm honored to call Speed a friend.

"I've been a big SOILWORK fan for years. Those guys were a massive hand in crafting that trademark Swedish sound so it made perfect sense to ask Speed when we knew we wanted to do a song with guest vocals. Performance-wise, I think we have similar styles and execution, but at the same time we both have our own thing going on, so the voices complement each other to great effect. My idea was also to have a real battle between our vocals.

"I hate it when you have these 'featuring' songs and the guest just pops up for a chorus and then does backing vocals for a while in the verse or something. This is a real fight between us for the mic and I'm sure people are gonna appreciate that."

Added Strid: "Working with SONIC SYNDICATE is always a pleasure, whether it's in the studio, tour, or in a cool-looking abandoned car shop in the industrial area of Gothenburg.

"I loved recording vocals on this song and especially being able to do somewhat of a duet with Nathan Biggs. He's a truly talented singer and a good friend.

"Doing the video was easy, fun and pretty intense at the same time. It turned out real sick. Check it out!"


Nathan James Biggs - Vocals
Robin Sjunnesson - Guitar
Karin Axelsson - Bass
John Bengtsson - Drums