SLIPKNOT Linked To German School Massacre

SLIPKNOT CDs have been found in the collection of German killer Robert Steinhaeuser, who shot dead 13 of his teachers, two teenagers and a policeman at his old school in Erfurt in Germany last week. Among the items found in Steinhaeuser's possession was a the supposed SLIPKNOT track "School Wars", the lyrics to which include the line: "Shoot your naughty teachers with a pump gun, according to various European media outlets. A spokesperson for SLIPKNOT's record label Roadrunner Records, however, has denied that such a track exists, and has refuted reports that the lyrics in question were penned by the group.

As a result of this latest episode, SLIPKNOT's music and lyrics may now be held up to even closer scrutiny amongst the moral majority.


Last year, MARILYN MANSON was blamed for inspiring the Columbine school killings in Colorado where two teenagers went on rampage and shot dead 12 pupils and a teacher. MANSON's albums were found in the killers' collections.