SLIPKNOT Frontman: 'This Band Has Done A Lot More For Me Than I Can Ever Hope For'

Steve Tauschke of Australia's Beat magazine recently conducted an interview with SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor. A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

On wearing a horror mask for a living:

"They're very, very uncomfortable. They tend to chafe and cut into your face."

"They've always represented more of the artistic side, the expressive side. Sure there's the shock value at first but then you really get into the mindset and the reality behind it and then you're like, 'OK, I see it now.' I mean, we never started wearing them to hide behind in the first place, that was something that kind of came along later that the fans kind of foisted on us. For me, it was more about getting in touch with the person inside that just needs to be heard because we all have different sides to us. I've sat on a lot of anger and a lot of rage for a long time so for me it's the best way to get that out.”

On SLIPKNOT's newly released fourth album, "All Hope is Gone":

"See, I think this album is heavier than the last album by far. 'Vol. 3' was a lot more melodic and mellow but on this album there's a lot more attitude. I think people wanted this album to be mellower and I don't see where they get that from. Sure, there are songs like 'Snuff' and 'Gehenna', but those are the only two slower tunes on it whereas 'Vol. 3' had four. I just think we just have a really good way of putting something together and when you got something that ain't broke, you don't try to fix it. We all went away and wrote a bunch a stuff and brought it in and just started putting it together. And I was really excited when I heard the music."

"The songs still had the same vibe and the same frenetic energy. We were able to craft something that, well you know, it's been four months and I'm still listening to it! And I really tried to get more involved on this record; I did a lot of the arrangements and just wanted to step it up and be there for the band. This time I tried to take the reigns and help lead the project and they're probably the best vocal performances and lyrics I've ever laid down."

On getting SLIPKNOT's first #1 album in the U.S. with "All Hope Is Gone":

"It was one of those things you hope for in life but never expect just with the way the industry is. We were damn near #1 all over the board and for me that's bigger than any Grammy, it's bigger than any American Music Award; it's the people standing up and saying, 'We really like this.' It's one of those accomplishments I'm really proud to say we were able to achieve.

"I mean, this band has probably done a lot more for me than I can ever hope for. It's allowed me to put away money for the kids' college funds, it's allowed me to buy and own my own house and buy a house for my mom — which is the first thing I ever bought. So it's enabled me to take care of the people I care about."

Read more from Beat magazine.

Fuse on Demand recently sat down with Corey Taylor of SLIPKNOT to talk about the 2008 Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival and the band's new album, "All Hope Is Gone". The full interview is available all October long only on Fuse on Demand. Watch a clip below.


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