SKRAPE Drummer Confirms Split With RCA, Announces Formation Of New Project

SKRAPE/TOMMY LEE drummer Will Hunt has issued a statement via SKRAPE's official forum confirming the group's split with RCA Records and announcing the formation of a new project with former members of STEREOMUD, STUCK MOJO and DOUBLE DRIVE. Hunt's message reads as follows: "Yo whut-up, peoples!!! First off, yes, it's me, the drummer. "The good news — we have parted ways with RCA (Recording Cemetery of America), and could be none happier. The reason we're gone, along with HOTWIRE and EVE 6, is because we all shared the same A+R guy, Brian Malouf, who was let go by the label a few days prior to the bands. "That's the bad news. Brian Malouf is an amazing person who fought 'till blood was spilled for his bands — RCA's lack of promotion has nothing to do with him. The reason this is bad is that it is a sign that labels are going back to being McDonalds-fastfood shit for your ears — think you'll still be hearin' about Clay Aiken (ta blow ya) in a year? I doubt it. Labels want to make a quick buck. People, it's not about the music, it's about the Benjamins. "Now for the finger pointing — I'd like to throw out a big, BIG fuck you to the fucking cowards at J (for joke) Records for taking over RCA and not allowing them to promote our band correctly (J Records wouldn't release any funds to do the job right). I'd like to also say to [J Records head honcho] Clive Davis that I've got a nice big hot bowl of dicks for you to eat on when you've got the time. I'd like to thank you personally for killing rock and roll and watering down the music industry with pop trappings and watered-down retro rock by knocking your teeth into the back of your fucking throat — and wouldn't think twice about doing it if it wouldn't kill your old tired and deaf self!!!!! Of course, I would never do this but the thought is awesome. "But I've got a better idea — and that brings me to this — the future of SKRAPE, and its members. What I can say is that we would love to continue to make music together, and release something new very soon. "I personally am working on a blistering new project that's gonna bitch-slap Clive Davis to fucking Mars!!!!! What I can say about this band is that it contains myself, Corey Lowery from STUCK MOJO/STEREOMUD, Troy McLawhorn from DOUBLE DRIVE, and a very secret fourth member [believed to be Corey's brother, SEVENDUST guitarist Clint Lowery — Ed.]. Let's just say that the three of them were in a band called STILL RAIN at one point. So people get ready, there's a train 'a comin', and its called Rock n Roll, and it's gonna roll right the fuck over Clive Davis and his watered-down girl rock and pop!!!! "Also, I continue to work with [former MÖTLEY CRÜE] Tommy Lee on new material for his upcoming [solo] release (the new shit is SICK!!!), and produce up and coming ROCK bands to help kill the disease known as Clive Davis. "So rest easy my people, as long as am breathing, I will be fighting the good fight. SKRAPE will be back soon and I'll be killin' it no matter who I'm with!!! "Much love people, we'll see ya soon, and remember – 'I wont give up until the blood soaks my fingers, I recognize that the difference is my spirit!!!!', and you can take that to the fuckin' bank!!!!!"