SKID ROW's RACHEL BOLAN: Answering SEBASTIAN BACH Reunion Questions Is 'A Waste Of Time'

SKID ROW's RACHEL BOLAN: Answering SEBASTIAN BACH Reunion Questions Is 'A Waste Of Time'

Spotlight Report recently conducted an interview with SKID ROW bassist Rachel Bolan. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Spotlight Report: How do you personally deal with the responsibility of being one of the original SKID ROW members?

Bolan: We started 28 years ago, and it's a huge responsibility to be one of the faces and to protect the integrity of what we do, to make sure that we keep delivering good music and releasing new stuff. There are many bands from our era that may have been cooler than us, but they stayed in that era. We continue doing new music, but without losing our roots. Also, we have a lot of respect for our fan base, because our fans are the most important thing to us, that's why we are very approachable and we love to meet and have a good laugh with our fans. We have to respect the SKID ROW name, and what it means to us.

Spotlight Report: Johnny Solinger joined you guys in 1999 and he adapted so well to the band, earning the respect of all the fans in record time. What was so special about Johnny that made him the right choice for the frontman role?

Bolan: He came very well prepared. We gave him a bunch of our big songs to play at his audition, to see if he was able to diversify and bring a new vibe to our music. We didn't want a guy capable of just singing our songs, we wanted somebody capable of being his own person while playing with us, while also being able to capture what we did in the past. He did that, so we already knew in the middle of the second song that he was our new singer. Also, the fact that he is a cool, laid back friendly guy helped a lot, as there was a mutual respect there straight away; from us to him for being so professional and dedicated. and from him to us for our past. The fact that we are here still playing together almost 14 years later is a good sign. The funny thing is that after 14 years, he is still "the new guy" in SKID ROW, but he takes that with humor and always laughs about it. I respect him a lot, as his main goal was to go out there, become a great singer and put on a good show — and he nails that every time.

Spotlight Report: You are probably over this topic, but obviously we have to ask you about Sebastian Bach. In an interview a while ago, Bach said he would be willing to reunite with SKID ROW to play a show just for the fans at least one more time. Would you guys be open to playing with him again?

Bolan: I honestly feel that questions about him are so far off now, because Johnny is our singer and he has been in the band for 14 years. So answering a question like that is kind of a waste of time. I hope you understand.

Read the entire interview at Spotlight Report.


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