SIX FEET UNDER: 'A Decade In The Grave' Box Set Details Revealed

Metal Blade Records has set a November 28 release date for the new SIX FEET UNDER box set, entitled "A Decade in the Grave". The package containing four CDs and one DVD will be released in a DVD-sized hardbox, including a 32-page DVD-sized booklet, photocards, a sticker, and a poster.

"A Decade in the Grave" track listing:

Disc 1 - Best of Volume 1:

01. Feasting on the Blood of the Insane
02. Revenge of the Zombie
03. Impulse to Disembowel
04. Victim of the Paranoid
05. Dead and Buried (Living In The Grave)
06. The Enemy Inside
07. Drowning
08. Silent Violence
09. Brainwashed
10. When Skin Turns Blue
11. Rest in Pieces
12. Braindead
13. Murdered in the Basement

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Disc 2 - Best of Volume 2:

01. Knife, Gun, Axe
02. War is Coming
03. Shadow of the Reaper
04. The Day the Dead Walked
05. Deathklaat
06. The Murderers
07. Decomposition of the Human Race
08. Cadaver Mutilator
09. Hacked to Pieces
10. Remains of You
11. Torture Killer
12. Lycanthropy
13. The Art of Headhunting
14. This Graveyard Earth

Disc 3 - Rarities:

"Haunted" (Five-Song 1994 Demo)

01. Beneath a Black Sky
02. Human Target
03. Suffering in Ecstasy
04. The Enemy Inside
05. Tomorrow's Victim

"Bringer of Blood" (Two-Song Demo):

01. Ugly
02. Claustrophobic

"13" (New Songs):

01. From Flesh to Bone
02. A Knife Fight to the Death

From The "True Carnage" Sessions:

01. Burned at the Stake

"Maximum Violence" Live CD:

01. War Is Coming (San Francisco, CA)
02. Brainwashed (Albuquerque, NM)
03. Human Target (Golden, CO)
04. Torture Killer (San Francisco, CA)
05. Revenge of the Zombie (San Francisco, CA)
06. Lycanthropy (San Francisco, CA).

Disc 4: Ten Years Before...:

"Legions of the Undead" Demo 1985 – 1986:

01. Violent Slaughter
02. Destructive Aggressor
03. Lamenation of Death
04. Leviathan

Five-Song 1987 Rehearsal Demo:

01. Asphyxiation
02. Tormented Nightmare
03. Blood Feast
04. Apocalyptic Rain
05. Bestial Decapitor

Disc 5 (The Videos):

01. Lycanthropy
02. Manipulation
03. Victim of the Paranoid
04. The Day the Dead Walked
05. Amerika the Brutal
06. Bringer of Blood
07. Dead and Buried (Living in the Grave)
08. Shadow of the Reaper
09. Murdered In Berlin 2005
10. Shadow of the Reaper
11. Murdered in the Basement
12. When Skin Turns Blue
13. No Warning Shot
14. Feasting on the Blood of the Insane
15. Victim of the Paranoid
16. Deathklaat
17. The Day the Dead Walked
18. Hacked to Pieces
19. Live With Full Force 2004
20. Hacked to Pieces
21. No Warning Shot


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