Former EXODUS frontman Steve "Zetro" Souza has rejoined DUBLIN DEATH PATROL (DDP), the band in which he shared lead-vocal duties with TESTAMENT singer Chuck Billy.

Commented Souza: "On September 21st, I posted a statement for an incident that happened at the DUBLIN DEATH PATROL show on September 18th at Pine Street. At the time I posted that statement, I was really pissed off and I still really am.

"After having time to think about what I said and what has gone on, I just want to first of all say that any of this was not directed at [DUBLIN DEATH PATROL members] Andy Billy, Danny Cunningham, Greg Bustamante, Steve Robello and especially Willy Lange and Chuck Billy.

"Of course, if anybody knows our history together, they would know that those are my close brothers, I do love those guys and they would be the last ones I would want to hurt, so I apologize to them.

"If anybody anywhere in the world thinks that there is any bad feelings or animosity towards them, I'm here to tell you there is none at all.

"As mentioned above, I still am very pissed off at the one person that caused this whole chaos. For what she did and the way she acted was totally unacceptable, and that I won't forgive. The rest I'll let go, and I'm going to continue to play in DUBLIN DEATH PATROL, record the new record, live shows, etc... I'm not going to hold everybody who comes to the shows and has a good time to suffer, because this is what this is all supposed to be about, having a good time.

"So for our friends and fans that come, I've rescinded my original statement that I was going to leave the band.

"I would never make the other guys in the band that have worked so hard suffer for something one person did. Hopefully this is a lesson learned and we can move on from here.

Thanks to all my friends and fans who have come by my house, emailed me, text me, talked to me and supported me in general. You all know who you are, and I love all of you for it."

Video footage of DUBLIN DEATH PATROL's June 26, 2010 performance at Soundwave Studios in Oakland, California can be viewed below.

DUBLIN DEATH PATROL's debut album, "DDP 4 Life", was released in 2007 via Godfodder Records.

Billy originally teamed up with fellow Dublin, California ragers Willy Lange (RAMPAGE, LAAZ ROCKIT), Souza and three of the Billy brothers as well as some other local Dublin boys.

The seeds were planted in or about 1980 with a Bay Area thrash band called RAMPAGE, featuring neighborhood kids from Dublin, California — Chuck Billy, along with his brother Andy Billy, Greg Bustamante, Ernie Boehm and Willy Lange. The guys were about 18 years old and had all known each other since they were about five. They grew up listening to a variety of bands — from LED ZEPPELIN, KISS, AEROSMITH to THE DEAD KENNEDYS and THE SEX PISTOLS — and were influenced by the sounds of the late '70s and early '80s.

Souza recalled how the idea to reactivate the ultimate DUBLIN DEATH PATROL came to him: "Originally it was Willy's and Chuck Billy's idea. The first I heard of getting this project together was at a Raider pre-season game in 2005. Willy was telling me his idea of DDP and getting the old RAMPAGE guys together. But this version would have Chuck and I singing on every song and include different musicians that grew up in Dublin to play on this record. Well, I was right in."

After six months of writing, arranging and restructuring songs new and old. the guys went in to record the DDP album through strains and pains with Vinnie Wojno. Souza boldly claimed, "This is what we have to give to the metal world, a kick-ass, straight-up aggressive and in-your-fucking-face album of music by guys just from Dublin, California. Represented by members of TESTAMENT, LEGACY, EXODUS, VIO-LENCE, LAAZ ROCKIT, TESLA, HEIST and a group of headbanging Dubliners that deserved status. For fans of the Bay Area thrash whom I love and will always, I hope they dig what Chuck and I have done vocally on the DDP project."

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