EYE EMPIRE, the new band featuring former/current members of DARK NEW DAY, STUCK MOJO, SWITCHED and SUBMERSED, has tapped Morgan Rose (SEVENDUST) to record the drums on the band's debut album, "Moment of Impact".

Commented guitarist Bradley Chester "B.C." Kochmit, "There have been a few curves and twists in this whole story but the truth is, it has ended up right where it began.

"Three years ago, Corey [Lowery, bass] and [I] got together to form what would end up being EYE EMPIRE and guess who was there on the skins to help set it all in motion? Morgan Rose. Now in the bottom of the 9th, Morgan has once again stepped up to the plate to knock this thing out of the park and we couldn't be more excited!"

EYE EMPIRE started with a phone call from Corey Lowery (DARK NEW DAY, STEREOMUD, STUCK MOJO) to B.C. Kochmit (SWITCHED, DARK NEW DAY, RIKETS). The two, who have been jamming off and on for about seven years (Lowery was briefly the bassist in Kochmit's band SWITCHED in 2003), got together to write some material. That first session eventually yielded what was to become the song "More Than Fate". "I knew the second I heard that music that we were on to something" says Kochmit. "I just kept flying down to Atlanta every month or so to get with Corey and write and record more demo songs."

As more and more material was written and the music (particularly the guitar parts) got more extensive, Lowery and Kochmit decided to add an additional guitarist to the lineup. The two eventually chose guitarist Dixie Duncan. "I knew Dixie from around the Atlanta scene for years," says Lowery, "He was looking to get back into a heavy rock band, we were looking for someone who was extremely talented, and it just worked out perfectly for everyone." "Dixie brings a lot to the table," explains Kochmit, "He's got great chops, can sing backups, and his style on the guitar is completely polar opposite from mine."

Next began the search for a lead singer. The band tried out several people, but eventually settled on ex-SUBMERSED frontman Donald Carpenter. "I remember Corey calling me and saying he heard this dude from SUBMERSED was interested," explains Kochmit. "Honestly I didn't think too much of it because at that point we had tried out about 10 people over a four-month period and I was getting rather discouraged. Donald came up to Atlanta for a few days to sing on some of the music and as soon as I heard him get to the first chorus of the first song I knew this was the singer I wanted to be in a band with for the rest of my life."

Now it was clearly obvious that the band needed a permanent, 100-percent dedicated drummer. Lowery and Kochmit had ridiculously high standards from years of jamming with some of the best drummers in the world, including Morgan Rose, Will Hunt, Chad Szeliga, Bevan Davies, and Rich Ward. After trying several people out to no avail, Carpenter brought up the name of his old friend (and longtime drummer for SUBMERSED) Garrett Whitlock. "Garrett's young, solid as a rock, has an unprecedented need to play music, and is a great guy," says Carpenter. "He fit in this band like a glove".

So enter what is now EYE EMPIRE. Between the five members, they have released over 11 albums, nine-plus singles, been part of six-plus movie soundtracks and multiple video games. They've toured the world with countless bands, been part of some of the most prestigious tours such as Ozzfest, Vans Warped Tour, and the Jägermeister Music Tours through cities across the U.S. but feel there is so much left to learn and much more room to grow.

With the past behind them and the future dead in their sights, EYE EMPIRE looks to breakout with their unique blend of musicianship, experience and songwriting finesse. Looking to reach new heights and beyond, EYE EMPIRE is justifying years of hard work, dedication and faith.

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