SEPULTURA Drummer, Guitarist To Issue Acclaimed Soundtrack In Europe

SEPULTURA have lined up the following Brazilian gigs during the coming weeks: Apr. 26 - Belem, BRA @ Iate Clube Apr. 27 - Manaus, BRA @ Manaus Show May 03 - Curitiba, BRA @ Moinho So Roque May 04 - Sorocaba, BRA @ Clube Campestre May 15 - Porto Alegre, BRA @ Opinio May 16 - Porto Alegre, BRA @ Opinio May 18 - Florianpolis, BRA @ Lupus Beer In other news, Holland's Mascot Records have set May 27th as the European release date for the little-known soundtrack entitled No Coracao Dos Deuses (Portuguese for In The Heart Of The Gods), which features music written and performed primarily by SEPULTURA drummer Igor Cavalera and guitarist Andreas Kisser. Originally issued in Brazil through Roadrunner Records in 1999, the album was the result of a collaboration between the duo and music director Andr Moraes, who spearheaded the project and initiated the unusual pairing. When Cavalera was approached in early 1999 by Moraes about contributing to the soundtrack, he was immediately intrigued by what he saw as an opportunity to utilize his creativity in a different setting than the one he had grown accustomed to in SEPULTURA over the course of the group's 16-year existence. After recruiting Kisser guitar to assist him with the songwriting process, Cavalera set about piecing together ideas while following the directions of Moraes, who had a clear vision of what he wanted the final result to sound like. Andr first became interested in working with me after seeing SEPULTURA performing the song 'Kaiowas' on Brazilian TV, Cavalera recalled. He really liked the mixture of acoustic guitars and the heavy percussion that we have in that song, and he wanted something for the soundtrack that would follow a similar style. As we started talking more and more, I suggested that we get Andreas involved as well, since I knew that I could work with him to come up a lot of the kinds of ideas that Andr was looking for, especially since much of what he needed had a similar vibe to what we were already doing in SEPULTURA. Although Moraes had a handful of ideas written that he wanted the pair to expand upon, he eventually left the duo to create much of the material for the soundtrack from scratch. Andr gave us about 3-4 ideas that he had already come up with that he wanted us to use, but most of the rest was done by us while watching rough edits of the movie, Igor said. That was the most different part of the whole experiencewriting music to specific images as opposed to creating it using nothing but our imaginations. During the recording sessions for the album, which took place at Sao Paulo's IML facility (the same studio where SEPULTURA's Against was tracked), former FAITH NO MORE singer and longtime friend Mike Patton happened to find himself in Brazil for a few days and was immediately impressed with what he heardso much so that he asked to lay down his vocals to one of the already-instrumentally-completed cuts. Mike told us that he loved the stuff and that he wanted to sing on one of the tracks, Cavalera recalled. So Andreas was like, 'We'll give you this song. See if you can work something out.' Mike then took the tape back with him to California and sent it to us a few days later with his vocals on it. The resulting cut, "Procura o Cara" (Portuguese for "Look For The Man"), sees Patton mixing his typically eclectic delivery with the traditional SEPULTURA rhythms to create one of the album's most powerful and memorable moments. It is also indicative of the spontaneous vibe of much of the soundtrack's compositions, the bulk of which were conceived and recorded in a matter of weeks. The whole thing was done very quickly, from the time that we started putting together ideas with Andr to the actual recording process, Igor said. We all felt very inspired throughout the sessions, and there wasn't as much pressure as there is during a typical SEPULTURA recording, so we felt more at ease letting Andr guide the entire project every step of the way. The full track listing for the effort is as follows: 01. O Desconhecido 02. Walkman 03. Bigao De Couro 04. Bruxaria 05. Aldeia 06. Tamandua De Troia 07. Enforcamento 08. Tauana E Pedro 09. Procura O Cara (feat. Mike Patton) 10. Saida Das Canoas 11. Indios 12. Martirios 13. A Feiticaraia De Gabriel 14. Terra De Manoa There are currently no plans for No Coracao Dos Deuses to be released in the US.