SEBASTIAN BACH: 'It Is Good To Be The F*ckin King'

Deb Rao of recently conducted an interview with former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow: First of all let me congratulate your opening for GUNS N' ROSES on their current U.S. tour. I can't wait to see the tour. How are the shows going so far?

Bach: It is going great. Right now I am looking out the window. I am somewhere on Georgia on I-95 I am in Savannah, I just saw a sign. We are coming from Jacksonville, Florida on our way to Greensboro, North Carolina. We have been on the road with GUNS N' ROSES since June. It is November, so it is good to be the fuckin king. Well the East Coast is gearing up for your shows next week in Portland, Maine on November 6, your solo show at The Webster Theatre in Hartford on November 7, The DCU Center on November 8 in Worcester, all leading up to the main event Madison Square Garden on November 10. Are you looking forward to the Madison Square Garden show?

Bach: Yes, it is sold out. With my old band the closest we ever got to Madison Square Garden was when we headlined the Felt Forum, which is in the same building, but it is like way, way smaller. That was in 1992. Here we are in 2006, when the tickets when on sale with GUNS N' ROSES and SEBASTIAN BACH, we sold out Madison Square Garden in a week. Meadowlands are almost sold out too. That is amazing. It is fuckin' great. I have always known that the fans that I played to fifteen years ago, they are not all dead. I know they are out there. Rock and roll is back. That is a cool thing. Let's talk about your new album, "Angel Down". How is it coming along?

Bach: Well, it's not completed. I have a little more singing to do. Musically it is pretty much completed, but we are still working on some guitar solos. I have a little bit more singing to do on the record. We did record in June for three weeks with Roy Z. At this point in my career I am going to my grave trying to beat, "Slave to The Grind". Which I think is the best record I ever did. I just want to make an album that you can put in your iPod next to the other albums I did and have it fit and make sense. Some of my favorite bands like RUSH and AC/DC; they have 20 or 30 records. I got like five or six. That is what I want to do. I want to out a kick ass, fuckin hard rock sleazy, balls out rock and roll record. Sebastian, You have managed to stay in the spotlight since the 80's. You recently appeared on the VH1 show "SuperGroup". Tell about that experience. Was it unnerving having he cameras in your face 24/7?

Bach: I didn't really mind having the cameras on me 24/7, except it gets annoying like when you are doing mundane boring day to day things. Like making coffee, or making a piece of toast. It is like why do you have five fuckin cameras on me when I making coffee. Who cares? (Laughter) I just look at very simply, in 1989 I was on MTV with "18 and Life", "Youth Gone Wild" in 2006 it is "SuperGroup". The game changed, the players changed, but I am on there still. I am still in your living room. I am right there in your living room, you can get a bowl of popcorn and rock out to Sebastian Bach. That is cool. That is what they do show rockers in reality TV situations now, instead of rock videos. That is out of my control. I don't control that. But I am still on that channel; I am still in your living room that is my intention.

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