In a recent interview with "The Classic Metal Show", ex-SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach addressed claims by his former bandmates that he had very little songwriting input during his time with the group. An excerpt from the chat follows:

The Classic Metal Show: With "Angel Down" [Sebastian's new solo album], you put down a whole lot of rumors that were out there. I don't want to say they were started by your past band, because I don't know where I heard them from, to be honest. I just remember reading that you couldn't write songs, that you couldn't sing anymore. You've clearly put all of that stuff to bed.

Sebastian Bach: "Yeah, well, those guys are liars, for one thing. To say that I don’t write songs is such a hilarious thing to say. All you've got to do is look at the back of the records to see who wrote the songs. It's like… I don't know what to say. When I walk around the house in 1991 with a dictaphone, a little tape deck, and I'm humming the riff to 'Slave To The Grind', going 'Here's a cool riff.' And then I go into the rehearsal room and I go, 'Hey, play this. Here’s a drum beat (makes drum beat). Here's a fuckin’ melody (sings the melody).' How the fuck is that not writing a song? I wrote 'Wasted Time', every single word of the song. It's just weird that they would say that, because they know that it's not true. Here's the deal. Those guys in that band, all they ever say is how much they hate me and they hate the old band and we never got along. There's a real brilliant marketing strategy. Let's be SKID ROW and tell everybody how much we hate SKID ROW. There's a great idea. What the fuck?! I LOVE SKID ROW. I AM SKID ROW! I can guarantee you out of all five guys in that band, the original band, I'm the only one walking down the street that people pull their car over and go, 'Hey, SKID ROW, motherfucker! Yeah! Alright! Yeah! Dude! SKID ROW!' I can guarantee you that none of them get that, ever! And I get it everywhere I go [and I will] until the day I die. People hanging out of their windows screaming 'SKID ROW,' walking through the mall going, 'Hey, fuckin' SKID ROW, dude.' I can guarantee you that none of those other guys get that, 100%. And I can’t leave the house without that happening at least a couple of times a day. I can't even go in my driveway without people screaming that shit. 'SKID ROW, dude! Yeah!' You can call it what you want, but all I've gotta say is when you listen to 'Angel Down', and then you listen to the stuff they put out without me, you can hear who the rock 'n' roll fan is. You know, I'm not going to release a country single anytime soon. I'm not going to release a punk rock version of '18 And Life' any-fuckin'-time ever soon. You know, that's not me, dude. I think it sounds good the way it is. I guess I'm real hard to work with or something. [Laughs]"

To download the interview as an MP3 audio file, click here (22 MB).


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