SEBASTIAN BACH: 'I Am Not Looking For A New Record Label'

Former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach has issued a statement refuting reports that he is currently looking for a new record label.

Bach's statement comes one day after BLABBERMOUTH.NET re-published an online posting from Trustkill Records owner Josh Grabelle in which Grabelle implied that Bach had semi-seriously inquired about signing with Trustkill during an office visit with his doctor (who just happens to be Josh's father).

Writing on his official web site,, Sebastian responded to Josh's posting, saying "[This is] complete & utter BULLSHIT. I am really, really pissed off right now.

"Two Sundays ago, I was out on the back of my property with my brand-new chain saw, having some fun. A gigantic oak had been felled by a recent storm & my 10-year-old son & I decided to spend the day together, me chain sawing the oak & splitting the wood, & my son piling it up in the wheelbarrow & hauling it back up to the deck. We spent all day doing this & by nightfall the deck was packed with firewood with not an inch to spare. We had a gigantic fire that night & all was well with the world.

"The next day, I absolutely could not move. My back was out — I never have any problems with my back whatsoever & it is rare for me to be immobile. I thought it would get better in a couple of days, but by that Friday it was still not showing any signs of improvement. So I booked an appointment with Dr. Grabelle, my doctor for the last 10 years or so. Although it was an effort even getting out of the car & into the doctor's office, I got myself in there because I had to drive to Boston in the next couple of days to finish the DVD, & basically I have no time to be immobile right now. Dr. Grabelle came in the room & asked me about me what was wrong, filled out a prescription, & then immediately launched into a 20-minute history lesson about how his son was 'really big in the music business, too.' As I sat there, in pain, I nodded my head & rolled my eyes at my wife, who was in the room with us, as Dr. Grabelle went on & on about his son's record label, how much money he has, blah blah blah. To humor the man, & to get out of the Dr.'s office to fill my prescription to get some relief, I congratulated his son on his success & said jokingly something to the effect of, 'If he has a million dollars or so & wants to sign me up , tell him to give me a call,' as I hobbled out of the doctor's office & made the painful trek back to the car outside.

"Now there is a story on, a site that I enjoy & frequent regularly, about my Dr.'s son saying that I am looking for a new record label!!!!! Yes, being famous is fun, but I have to say that it is shit like this that makes what I do an extreme challenge sometimes. I think I should be able to go to a Dr.'s office & get medical treatment, like anyone else, right? BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I have to listen to complete drivel about bands & music & record labels I have never heard of, & could give a fuck less about, when all I want is a little relief for a sore back. And as far as 'doctor/patient confidentiality' goes, I guess if you a rock musician you are out of luck!

"For the record: NO I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A NEW RECORD LABEL. I am completely happy & content with the record label [Spitfire Records] I am signed to right now. You will see how happy I am on May 18 when the first-ever Sebastian Bach DVD hits the stores — the 'FOREVER WILD' DVD is something which I am %100 proud of & you will see why on May 18!

"Oh yeah — Dr. Grabelle — me & my 'super-hot wife' will not be requiring your 'services' anymore."


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