ROB ZOMBIE Bassist PIGGY D Talks About Upcoming Solo Album recently conducted an interview with ROB ZOMBIE/ex-AMEN/WEDNESDAY 13 bassist Matt Montgomery (a.k.a. Piggy D.). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow: First of all, let's discuss your upcoming solo CD. Who is in the band?

Piggy: I'm really excited about this record. It has been a long time coming, and is very special to me for many reasons. All the songs are taken from a diary I kept during and after Hurricane Katrina. I was living in New Orleans at the time, and everything in my life changed for me after that. I lost more than a place to live, let’s put it that way! Every song on this album is about someone, or something that happened to me during that time. There are songs about my sobriety, god, love, former enemies, you name it! haha! The album is called "The Evacuation Plan" because I basically evacuated my entire life, including grudges, lovers, bad friends etc. I felt like I finally had something to say for myself as a writer during this time. I just wanted to share it with people. As far as the band goes. I got some guys together last year to play some songs live and test out the material before I went and recorded it. While I was doing that I joined Zombie, and that delayed the record because of all the touring we did. So should I tour, it might be some of the same guys, but that remains to be seen. On the album Tommy Clufetos (ROB ZOMBIE) played all the drums, I played most everything else. Dave Spreng my engineer/co-producer played some piano and helped with the orchestrations. Scott Gillman played some horns, and Calico Cooper sings on several tracks as well. I recently saw you perform with ROB ZOMBIE on the "American Witch" tour? Did you enjoy the tour? What were some of the highlights?

Piggy: The tour was such a blast. We had way too much fun. It was like summer camp for big kids. All the shows were incredible. We never wanted to get off the stage. We would play until we couldn't play anymore. I cannot wait to do it again! What do you enjoy most working with ROB ZOMBIE?

Piggy: The guys in the band. They are such pros, and so much fun to be around. I really enjoy their company, and it just makes the show that much better. I have NEVER had more fun! Prior to joining ROB ZOMBIE, you toured with WEDNESDAY 13. What happened? Why did you leave WEDNESDAY 13?

Piggy: I didn't leave. He wanted a new band, and he got it. It’s all-good. Piggy, tell me about your time in Amen. You spent two years constantly on tour with them? What happened?

Piggy: AMEN was my favorite band before I joined. I still love the music a lot. I learned a lot, got out alive and sober. I'm just grateful for that. The shows were living in car crash every night. I still have scars! haha! I wouldn't trade that experience for the world. Was it hard making the transition from guitar to playing bass with ROB ZOMBIE?

Piggy: It was actually. They asked me if I could play bass and I really thought I had it down. Playing it in that kind of show was a different story! haha! It took rehearsing everyday, all day for weeks before my first tour with them. I got it down now, but it was way more work than I expected. I actually love playing bass on stage more than I like playing guitar. Weird, I know! What inspired you to first pick up the guitar? Who are some of your guitar influences?

Piggy: Oh, Johnny Cash, and my family. My parents used to play as band. My mom played guitar. My dad played bass, and my brother played drums. All this before I was born. I grew up listening to Cash in the living room, and Kiss in my brother’s room. I was very confused, I still am!

The first time I saw Dave Mustaine play guitar I knew that’s what I wanted to do. He was such, and still is a bad ass. Such a talented guy. But, I have to say; Johnny Ramone was the coolest guitar player to ever walk the earth. If I could write songs like Paul Westerberg, play guitar like Johnny, I would rule the earth! Do you feel The Internet has helped bands take charge of their career, and not be so controlled by record labels?

Piggy: It has helped those who are smart enough to learn how to use it. Labels can still be a lot of help to certain kinds of bands. For anyone who is marching to their own beat, and not trying to fit into the mainstream, the Internet is your best friend. Think about it. Any kid with a four track and my space page can be an artist. Not a rock star, but an artist. You can get your music out there to millions of people without ever leaving your house. Pretty amazing times we live in. One thing that cannot be replaced is badass band on stage, and the energy you get from that, on either side of the fence. The Internet won't take that away anytime soon!

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