Reunited LIEGE LORD To Headline Next Year's KEEP IT TRUE XVI Festival

Reunited '80s U.S. metallers LIEGE LORD will be one of the headliners of the Keep It True XVI festival, set to take place April 19-20, 2013 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany. According to festival organizers, LIEGE LORD members Joe Comeau (vocals), Tony Truglio (guitars) and Matt Vinci (bass) will perform their classic "Master Control" (1988) in its entirety plus highlights from the first two albums, "Freedom's Rise" (1985) and "Burn To My Touch" (1987). The festival billing is shaping up as follows: AIR RAID ATTIC BORROWED TIME ELIMINATOR HIGH SPIRITS HOLOCAUST JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR LEGEND LIEGE LORD MEDIEVAL STEEL MIDNIGHT MORBID SAINT OCTOBER 31 POSSESSED QUARTZ RAZORWYRE STEEL PROPHET TORANAGA