Reunited HALLOWS EVE Part Ways With Singer

Reunited classic '80s thrashers HALLOWS EVE have parted ways with singer Steve Cannon. Steve, editor-in-chief of the world's oldest and longest running Internet-based music magazine Vibrations of Doom, has issued the following statement on the matter:

"As I sit here writing this, I cannot believe it's all come to an end. I have tried so hard to get everything in working order for HALLOWS EVE to be a success: I put the first posts up about HALLOWS EVE's reformation on, I emailed people in the press about the reformation, I came to practices with ideas and material to help the band out, and did everything I could to give people who REMEMBER HALLOWS EVE a great show. I tried to be the frontman that HALLOWS EVE needed, I tried so hard to do a good job with vocals, a job made even harder by the fact that [former vocalist] Stacy Anderson had such a tremendous range, one that I only hoped I could come close to. But it seems that the other members of HALLOWS EVE decided I should no longer be in the band. It all apparently is related to finances. I am unemployed right now and desperately trying not to become homeless, a fact that is getting closer to reality everyday. So it's obvious that rehearsal space, travel money to record a demo and what not are going to be difficult if not impossible until my job situation is resolved. Plus, couple that with the fact I've had to do a lot of soul searching and looking at myself to see what I have done wrong. And there were quite a few things: It seems I didn't listen to a few suggestions. Even if I knew in my heart that this could work, the other members didn't think so. Apparently, to myself and the other members, I am a failure. And I truly feel as such.

"My only biggest complaint is that for two or three weeks now (hell, probably more I will never know though) the decision to replace me has been ongoing. Of course, standing there in front of their faces and everyone acting like everything's fine, I never knew. I NEVER KNEW.

"Dave's [Jensen, ex-DRYWATER] a damn good drummer, the best Atlanta probably has ever seen. [Guitarist] Skellator knew the 'Tales Of Terror' material, and Dwayne [Monk] picked up on leads that, coming from a classically trained guitarist, should have been next to impossible. Tommy [Stewart, bass] is Tommy, we don't have to say anything about a man who started and is obviously going to finish the band, no matter what. But as for me, I guess I'm not the frontman I thought, or wanted to be.

"Where I go from here I have NO idea, but needless to say I'm crushed beyond belief. This is one of the worst events in my life, and I don't have anywhere to turn for help.

"I have been growing increasingly incensed with the metal scene and community as of late, it seems that no matter how far I go out of my way to help and bolster the scene, there's ALWAYS 'elements' that try to push me down. And keep me there. The man you know now is not going to be the same one you will see in weeks and months to come.

"I am extremely disappointed by the lack of dedication people have towards what once was my favorite genre of music in the entire world.

"I came into HALLOWS EVE with all guns blazing, determined to do everything I could to keep us all into place. And in that I could not even succeed, because I found out I had to fight 4 other members.

"What happens with HALLOWS EVE remains to be seen, but from what we all know of the bands that have come and gone, there isn't much money or popularity to be made. Metal is probably more of a dying genre than we know, or even care to admit. So if the fault over my ousting is my own, then I am the failure, the weakest link. Regardless of what happens, my life will never be the same again..."


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