RESURRECTURIS: Entire 'Non Voglio Morire' Album Available For Free Download

"Non Voglio Morire" (I Don't Want To Die), the third full-length album from Italian death metallers RESURRECTURIS, has been made available for free download from the band's official web site.

"The people at Casket Music [the group's record label] were pretty perplexed with my intention to allow the free download of our music, but I was pretty much convinced that I wanted to do this," says RESURRECTURIS mainman Carlo Strappa. "so there was not much that they could say to make me change my mind. Besides just a couple of days after the album's official release date, I could find the MP3 rip of the album on blogs and sites from Russia, South America and so on, so I don't think I have done this big damage to record sales."

He continues, "The commercial version of 'Non Voglio Morire' includes a bonus DVD with our videoclip plus some live songs and other stuff, besides the cover artwork is really nice and rich, so there's many reasons to get it if somebody is interested. On the other hand, when somebody simply wants to check us outn he can go to [our web site] and be sure to find a quality rip of the songs with the right titles and everything in the right place".

"The Fracture", the new video from RESURRECTURIS, can be viewed below. Shot on location in three days, teh clip deals with the necessity to express fears and traumas filtering them through artistic creation, a theme which is common to many musicians, performers and artists. For this reason "The Fracture" derives its imagery and inspiration from the world of contemporary art and more specifically the works of Viennese actionists like Gunter Brus and Hermann Nitsch.

The collaboration with emerging Italian artist Samuele Santi, who lent the band some of his works to be included in the set, added an important visual element to the video and reinforced the links with the artistic world that the "Non Voglio Morire" project is intended to have.

"I am extremely proud of what we have achieved with this first videoclip!" says Strappa. "Our goal was to offer a visual presentation to some of the ideas at the base of 'Non Voglio Morire' and I think that we were able to do that. The images have a certain power but even in the most intense moments there is nothing that is overdone or gratuitous. The guys from the production did a monstrous job and went well over the mere realization of a videoclip, offering important contributions to the storyboard, suggestions and ideas. On a personal level, it was a terrific experience! There have been many problems and as those who will watch the video can imagine I had to undergo some hours of authentic physical torture, being covered in paint and freezing in the cold, but everybody was very kind and supportive and, looking back at it, that was part of the fun too!"

RESURRECTURIS' lineup in the video:

Carlo Strappa - Guitar
Marco Raccichini - Guitar
Manuel Coccia - Bass
Alessandro Vagnoni - Drums
Enrico Aguzzi – Stand-In Vocalist

"Non Voglio Morire" features 13 songs with a total running time of nearly 60 minutes and is said to be "the first chapter of a strongly autobiographic two-album project." The first episode is dedicated to the author's lifelong search through artistic creation. The album tells a story that begins when an angry little teen picks a guitar and tries for the first time to give shape to his thoughts and views. More than 20 years later, the search is not over and continues when a fully grown man gets home from work in the evening.

All songs and lyrics were written by founding member Carlo Strappa (guitar). Musically, the CD contains many different styles that range from the grinding ferocity of "The Origin" and "Fuck Face" to the acoustic melodies of "In Retrospective" and everything in between.

The album was recorded at Acme Studio and mixed at Potemkin Studio with Paolo Ojetti of INFERNAL POETRY at the mixing desk.

Commented Strappa: "The making of this CD + DVD project was really complex and time consuming! A lot of people were involved in the process to add different elements and it was very hard to find the right balance. Besides, it was our first serious attempt in the world of video, so that was a very big challenge too.

"The basic idea behind this project is to describe the way art has changed my life and contributed to shape the man I am today. This was pretty different from what we did in the past when we simply wrote a number of songs and recorded those that we felt sounded the best. So I was forced to mature as a songwriter, because I had to find solutions to express what I had in my mind. Now I just hope that the listeners will be able to get some sort of bigger picture by listening to the songs and maybe someone will feel an affinity with what I have to say…"

"Non Voglio Morire" track listing:

01. The Origin
02. Prologue
03. Fuck Face
04. Corpses Forever
05. The Artist
06. Save My Anger
07. Calling Our Names
08. After The Show
09. The Fracture
10. Away From The Flock
11. Where Shall I Go From Here?
12. Walk Through Fire
13. In Retrospective

DVD (digipack only):

* "The Fracture" video clip
* Making of
* Photo Gallery
* Credits
* Live

For more information, visit


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