PITCHSHIFTER Hard At Work On Live Album

Britain's PITCHSHIFTER are currently in the process of making a live album. Recorded on the last UK tour in October 2002, the CD's release is set coincide with the band's upcoming UK tour in March of 2003. Commented vocalist J.S. Clayden: "Things are going great in the studio so far. Mixing a whole live set is a lot of work, but we're almost there. It's been a laugh hearing some of the in-between song antics from the last tour. People always say to us that they love the band live and want to experience that energy on a record. Well, I think we've managed to do that so far on this live record. I can't wait to get into the mix phase and really crank these tracks out in the studio! It's been a very fun project so far and I can't wait to let everyone hear the finished thing next year."