PETE SANDOVAL Doesn't Care For 'Industrial Experimental' Elements On New MORBID ANGEL Album

Brazil's Som Extremo recently conducted an interview with legendary extreme-metal drummer Pedro "Pete" Sandoval (MORBID ANGEL, TERRORIZER). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Som Extremo: How is your back? When will you return to MORBID ANGEL?

Pete Sandoval: My back is still healing, but I can't wait no more, I'm all ready beating on my drums with or no pain; it's do it or slowly die! No pain, no gain. So by now everybody knows about me and TERRORIZER returning early next year with our new ultimate and brutal grinding record and a worldwide tour after that, I hope so. There will be a break from MORBID for a couple of years or so; I'm mainly concentrating on having fun with TERRORIZER for a couple of years, you know, and I know anybody the loves grind will anxiously love to witness TERRORIZER live four the first time ever!

Som Extremo: Do you think your way of playing drums influenced the pain in your back? Is there a "right" or a "wrong" way of playing drums?

Sandoval: Yes! Absolutely! 20-plus years of extreme death metal blasting on my drums will do it! And yes, there are right and wrong ways ...but you learn with every step you take up on the ladder....

Som Extremo: What is your opinion about the new album of MORBID ANGEL, "Illud Divinum Insanus"?

Sandoval: No comment! I don't play on that album!

Som Extremo: If you had recorded the album, what do you think you would have done different in "Illud Divinum Insanus"?

Sandoval: More exreme deathgrind metal and less DJ, boring awful typical I care less industrial experimental same as everybody boring bull! This is not what MORBID has been all about! ...Hmmmmmm, and I really care less...!

Som Extremo: Whats the news about TERRORIZER?

Sandoval: I already said it but I'll say it again, TERRORIZER is alive with a new excellent, original and fun album coming out early next year and a long long wordwide tour right after that! That's what's in our minds right now! And that's what we hope!

Som Extremo: When you started TERRORIZER and MORBID ANGEL, have you ever imagined that one day both of the bands would have become two of the most important bands of the extreme music?

Sandoval: No, I didn't! It's all magic at first! And working hard and believing in yourself...never losing hope, or the faith, and always pushing yourself to the limits like if it was not a tomorrow! No pain, no gain!

Som Extremo: Which TERRORIZER and MORBID ANGEL do you prefer? Why?

Sandoval: I love variation in life, so I would say I love and I have enjoyed all these years playing with MORBID ANGEL, but I also have the desire and ambition to experience the phenomenom of grinding the neverstopping one-foot blast with TERRORIZER!!! This is gonna be fun!! :) It's another zone!! I can't hardly wait to play live next year!!!

Som Extremo: Do you have another bands beside MORBID ANGEL and TERRORIZER nowadays? Which ones?

Sandoval: No, I dont, just a bunch of ideas of my own for a musical drum solo, instructional drum video at the same time. It's in the works now... The way I started, how I have got here and so on..... It'll be very interesting, fun to watch and let me tell you with your jaws open: UNBELIEVABLE! INCREDIBLE! UNSTOPABLE! NEVER SEEN OR HEARD BEFORE!!! I know you will all satisfy your drumming hunger with it! :=)


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