PAPA ROACH's Follow-Up To 'Crooked Teeth' Will Include 'Some Next-Level, Nutty S**t'

According to The Pulse Of Radio, PAPA ROACH has just released its ninth studio album, "Crooked Teeth", but the band was so inspired by its producers this time out — newcomers Nicholas "Ras" Furlong and Colin Brittain — that the group is already cooking up more new music. Singer Jacoby Shaddix told Metal Hammer: "We hit a rhythm with this squad. We just made this really cool bond with these producers and it feels like making records back in 1998 in Sacramento. They're younger blood, and I think it added a fun new dynamic to what we do."

Shaddix added: "Dude, we've got some jams in this motherfucker that are some next-level, nutty shit. 'Crooked Teeth' ends with 'None Of The Above'. So if you imagine what would be the jump-off from a track like that, we start up the next record and this new shit is like... I don't even know how to explain it. It's next level."

Bassist Tobin Esperance told The Pulse Of Radio that Furlong and Brittain had an undeniable impact on PAPA ROACH's creative process. "I'd say the main inspiration in the creation of this whole record was just being in the room with those two guys," he said. "The whole process was just like inspiring from beginning to end. They just have an energy that we feed off. There was like the perfect match-up, so it worked great. The creative flow was constant."

"Crooked Teeth" came out May 19 in both standard and deluxe editions. The latter features three bonus studio tracks and a second disc containing a complete 15-song live show recorded in Detroit.

PAPA ROACH released several songs from the new CD in advance of the set's arrival, including the title track, "Periscope", "American Dreams" and "Help", which recently hit No. 1 on the rock radio chart.

PAPA ROACH has scattered dates booked throughout the summer, but has yet to announce extensive touring behind the new record.