OBITUARY Bassist: New Material 'Has A Very Raw Feeling To It' recently conducted an interview with OBITUARY bassist Frank Watkins. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow: What's the latest news in relation to when the much-anticipated new album will be recorded, released, etc?

Frank Watkins: Well, we've been jamming a great deal since the New Year. We now have about eight songs completed and should have a few more done in the next few weeks. We will record it on our own and we hope it will be released before the end of summer. It all depends on what label we go with because now we have no record label at all. Are you close to finalizing a deal with a label as well and which labels have approached you that the band is genuinely considering?

Frank Watkins: We've been approached by a lot of labels but it's all a game and we hate playing games so it just has to run its course first really. There are a few labels we really like but it just depends on who gives us the best offer. We were seriously screwed by Roadrunner so we do not want that to happen again. I have had similar complaints about the label from other bands actually. Have you lined up a producer for the new record?

Frank Watkins: We will be producing it ourselves actually. Now, "Frozen In Time" was an exceptional "comeback album" in my opinion. Will the new material be in much the same vein and can you tell us much about the musical direction you plan to take?

Frank Watkins: The new stuff is totally OBITUARY. It has a very raw feeling to it and Trevor has written a lot of the new songs and most of his stuff is in the technical vein as well, with a lot of groove to it as well. Classic OBITUARY! You mentioned your displeasure with Roadrunner, and other members have voiced their opinions over what they saw as a lack of promotion for "Frozen In Time". Why do you think they seemed to overlook the record?

Frank Watkins: For them there was nothing to lose — it was either going to do really well on its own without any of their help, or they were just going to watch it do nothing in the end, which is pretty much what happened. Good for them, but shitty for us. It really pisses me off, because we help put them on the map in their formative years! I'm not going to argue there. How was the split with RR and did you have any regrets about leaving a label you've been with since your debut?

Frank Watkins: Well, our contract was fulfilled really. We asked them to release us before "Frozen In Time" was even recorded but they insisted they were going to help us out with the record and promote it. We figured with the success of SLIPKNOT and NICKELBACK they had enough money to throw our way and really get the word out there about the new OBITUARY album. But instead of that they just sent us a bogus marketing plan, which got our hopes up, but when the album dropped they then pretty much ignored us completely. Are the band still on good terms with James Murphy and would you consider working with him again on a track or two on the new album?

Frank Watkins: I haven't spoken to James in a long time. I never had anything against him but he really didn't fit with the rest of our personalities. Also, we never wanted to lose Allen (West, guitars) but he had some issues with a wife and kid so he needed to sort that out, but that was all worked out.

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