NICK MENZA Doesn't Want To Be Known Just As The 'Drummer Of MEGADETH' Anymore

NICK MENZA Doesn't Want To Be Known Just As The 'Drummer Of MEGADETH' Anymore

Metal Babe Mayhem recently conducted an interview with former MEGADETH drummer Nick Menza. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Metal Babe Mayhem: I just overheard you talking about a cartoon you have in the works. Tell me about that.

Nick: It's called the "Atomic Disintegrator". It's like a part man, part android, part cyborg, superhero dude who tries to save the planet, and things that are going on in the planet. I wanna have a whole series that I get on Adult Swim cartoon network. I'd like to have a comic book with it, and a band behind it so I can write a song for each episode. Right now I'm doing all the music myself. So it's just me. But I'm gonna try and get a band of guys together so I can go out and play live with them.

Metal Babe Mayhem: Tell me about "Megalife". Where are you at in the process of your first book?

Nick: I'm in the process of having a publishing deal. It's something that I've been turning away from for the past 13 years. MEGADETH this, MEGADETH that… I don't want to be the "drummer of MEGADETH" anymore. I would still be in the band. I would have never quit. I was fired, obviously. Dave [Mustaine, MEGADETH mainman] was kinda like doing a whole thing, like there will never be a reunion and all this shit. I'm not saying there could never be a reunion. I put the ball in his court. There is a chapter in the book about MEGADETH, of course. There's a lot of government conspiracy, alien cover-ups… A lot of sarcasm. The book's about me. It's about my life. My "megalife."

Metal Babe Mayhem: What is your ultimate goal as far as getting the book out?

Nick: No real goal… Just something that my buddy J. Marshall Craig, asked me about. He said, "Dude, let's write a book." I go, about what? About a bunch of lies, drugs, and sex on the road? And he goes, "No, no, no. Your life, your story… People wanna hear your end of the story." I was like, that's boring dude, how boring for them.

Metal Babe Mayhem: I don't think so at all. I'm interested… I heard about it on Blabbermouth, and there's excitement building already for it.

Nick: It's all truth's and it's all my life. Like I said, there is a chapter in there about MEGADETH. About my time with them. It starts out at the age of two when I got put on somebody's drum set at the Montreux Jazz Festival and I played my first drum solo.

Metal Babe Mayhem: What else have you been working on musically?

Nick: I do all kinds of stuff. I do a lot of production, engineering… I play guitar, bass, keyboards, sing… I pretty much do everything. Drums, obviously, are my main instrument. The music business is so weird now, it's really hard to like, say, "Oh, I'm a musician and I make a living at being a musician." I always say that any job you can get in the music business and get paid for is golden. So I do a lot of music that I hate, for money, because I need to feed my kids. I have a 13-year-old, and a seven-year-old boy. And they're Black Ops leaders. I need to feed them, put clothes on them, and keep them healthy. So I do all kinds of stuff from gospel to hip-hop to metal to jazz, to whatever music I can do. It doesn't matter. Any job… I'll take it. I don't care. I'm not like "Mr. Integrity," like, "I only play metal." That's all I do. So I like doing any music, really. If it's good, I'll take the job on.

Metal Babe Mayhem: Do you have a CD in the works?

Nick: Yeah, the ATOMIC DISINIGRATOR CD's gonna come out.

Metal Babe Mayhem: So you're going to put the CD out with the cartoon.

Nick: Yes. I had the band idea first. I realized no one's selling records anymore so I figured, you know what, why not have something else tied to it. Like a comic book, cartoon, or pilot movie. And try and market it that way. Nobody is really selling records anymore, you know, not like it used to be.

Metal Babe Mayhem: Yeah, with the downloads.

Nick: Yeah. Not like it used to be. So there's got to be another way to strategize how you're gonna put yourself out there. I keep saying, it's all about self-promoting. What do you have to offer that people want to look at? I do art, I do paintings, I do cymbals. I do anything, you know. If I don't know how to do it I'll say I know how to do it and I'll figure out a way to do it. They go, "What instruments do you play?" I play all instruments. They go "Everything?" I go, "Yeah, I play everything." And they go, "You play the cello?" And I go, "No, but I'll play it on the guitar and I'll midi it and I'll get the sound as if the cello in there." I'll do whatever. Whatever I can do.

Read the entire interview at Metal Babe Mayhem.


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