MY RUIN's TAIRRIE B Speaks Out Against Upcoming Snapper Records Anthology

MY RUIN, who recently parted ways with their former label Snapper Music (as reported here a couple of days ago), have spoken out against Snapper's plans to release Blasphemous Girl - a "Best Of" compilation.

"We just found out about this record being released and are not too happy about the whole thing," frontwoman Tairrie B told Britain's Metal Hammer magazine. "Actually we are pretty upset. It seems they forgot to even tell us they were gonna try to milk the fans of our band and we certainly do not support this in any way. We are being emailed by kids everyday and asked what the deal is and we just want the story to be straight. We don't want kids to think we had anything to do with this bullshit."


"Sanctuary Records is also doing a re-issue of the TURA SATANA (Tairrie's old band) records this month (which is funny)."

Blasphemous Girl is due to be released on June 24th and will contain the following 26 tracks:

CD 1
01. Rockstar
02. Blasphemous Girl
03. Stick It To Me
04. Terror
05. Sycophant
06. Letter To The Editor
07. Scars
08. Hemmorrhage
09. Tainted Love
10. Do You Love Me
11. My Beautiful Flower
12. Miss Anne Thrope
13. June 10th


CD 2
01. Beauty Fiend
02. Horrible Pain
03. My War
04. Let It Rain
05. Post Noise Revolution
06. Sick With It
07. Sanctuary
08. Cosmetic
09. Absolution
10. Preacher
11. Heartsick
12. Masochrist
13. Stoopid