MSG Bassist REV JONES: Singer CHRIS LOGAN Deserved To Get His As Kicked

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP (MSG) bassist Rev Jones has spoken to about the physical altercation between him and MSG singer Chris Logan last month that resulted in Logan leaving the group's European tour following the show in Stockholm on November 14. An excerpt from the interview follows: Chris Logan obviously got in with his version of events very quickly. He didn't name you so everyone assumed he had a ruck with Michael. What actually happened and what were the reasons?

Rev Jones: "Well, I was already in my bunk going to sleep when I heard all this yelling, so I got up to see what was going on, and when I got to the door of the bus I seen my tour manager being held back by a couple of people in the support band and I see Chris run up and suckerpunch him in the eye, so I jumped in and tackled him to the ground and held him face down and told him that it was over, that he was messing with everyone's job, and he said 'OK, OK, Rev, it's over,' so I let him up and everything was cool.

"Then we go back in the bus and I'm talking with the tour manager when he comes running in talking trash again and tries to jump on the tour manager (who gets a couple of shots in this time), so I jumped in again and split them up but he kept swinging so I told everyone, 'Let them fight, they're both grown men' and Chris said, 'OK it's over, I'm done, I'm leaving, I quit…,' he screamed a bunch of other things also.

"So then we were all back on the bus, Chris had told us that he quit and he had all of his stuff (mic, monitors, clothes) gathered ready to leave, but he kept storming around the bus cussing everyone like he was trying to prove something, and we kept saying just leave, go get out of here, then he made the mistake of turning on the person who just saved him from being beat up twice… Me!" What actually occurred during the "attack?"

Rev Jones: "Well, like I said, he was cussing everyone and screaming and acting like a typical drunk, and here I am keeping him from getting beat, trying to just get him of the bus. Then he started cussing me and calling me a traitor because I'm on Michael's side and the band's side and the crew's side, and then he stepped towards me telling me to fuck off, so I started punching him in the face, I must have hit him 25 or 30 times, from the front not the back, before the bus stopped and I was able to push him off the bus, then it was finally over, someone took him to a hotel and the bus left for the next town.

"Here I was protecting him trying to keep peace, and the next thing you know I got two broken bones in my right hand and ten shows left on the tour. You know, I hate that it happened like this and I'm sorry that had to hurt him, but he deserved every bit of it, he came on the bus that night wanting to fight someone, anyone, and picked the one person on the bus who has been boxing all of his life, huge mistake. I hope he learned a lesson by this event: 'Don't drink a whole bottle of Russian Vodka and talk shit to a redneck, or you'll wake up missing some teeth and looking like Frankenstein…'

"And as for his comment that 'he was attacked from behind by someone that was too big of a coward to face him,' well once again I think the vodka was talking, because he was looking right at me as I punched him in the face." Was there tension between you before this?

Rev Jones: "Well, several times over the year he had confrontations with a couple of different people on the tour that almost turned into fights, and yes we had almost got into it a couple of times, but no there was not tension between us, that was all in the past. If I really wanted to beat him up I would have done it when I broke the fight up the first time, but instead I let him up, I was trying to protect him and my job, I just wanted to finish the tour." Why do you think Chris was so keen to get his side of the story across so quickly?

Rev Jones: "Well, he did right after it happened, so he was still drunk and he knew that we would not have access to a computer for many hours, and I think he wanted people to feel sorry for him and believe his side of the story, but I don't think anyone was that dumb to believe him, most of the people that I have talked to figured it out right away, especially when I didn't comment about what he wrote. I mean all you have to do is ask the question 'How does someone get their face beat up and their teeth knocked out from behind?' "

Read Rev Jones' entire interview with at this location.


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