MOTÖRHEAD: 'The Wörld Is Ours - Vol 2: Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else' EPK Available

MOTÖRHEAD will release "The Wörld Is Ours - Vol 2: Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else" in Germany on September 21, three days later in the rest of Europe and October 9 in North America via UDR/EMI. The follow-up to 2011's "The Wörld Is Ours – Vol 1: Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else" will feature the band's 2011 Wacken Open Air headline appearance as well as highlights from Sonisphere (United Kingdom) and Rock In Rio (Brazil) shows. "The Wörld Is Ours - Vol 2: Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else" will be available as a digipack (DVD plus two CDs), double-CD, double-vinyl (Wacken Open Air show), Blu-ray and direct-to-consumer version featuring 2 CDs, a DVD/Blu-ray and a special booklet. "The Wörld Is Ours - Vol 2: Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else" track listing: Wacken Open Air - August 8, 2011 in Wacken, Germany * Iron Fist * Stay Clean * Get Back In Line * Metropolis * Over The Top * Rock Out * One Night Stand * The Thousand Names of God * I Know How to Die * The Chase Is Better Than the Catch * In the Name of Tragedy * Just 'Cos You Got The Power * Going To Brazil * Killed By Death * Bomber * Ace Of Spades * Overkill Sonisphere - July 10, 2011 at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire: * Iron Fist * I Know How To Die * In The Name Of Tragedy * Killed By Death * Ace Of Spades * Overkill Rock In Rio - September 25, 2011 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: * Stay Clean * Over The Top * The Chase Is Better Than The Catch * Going To Brazil * Killed By Death Bonus material: festival impression Wacken Open Air A five-minute "The Wörld Is Ours - Vol 2: Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else" EPK (Electronic Press Kit) can be seen below. Also available are previews of the "Ace Of Spades" and "Bomber" tracks. MOTÖRHEAD's latest album, "The Wörld Is Yours", sold 7,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 94 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous effort, "Motörizer", premiered with 6,400 units back in 2008 to debut at No. 82, while 2006's "Kiss Of Death" registered a first-week tally of 3,500. "The Wörld Is Yours" was released in North America on February 8, 2011. The CD is a vital, scorching statement of intent from the band as they launch Motörhead Music, their very first record label. Written and performed by Lemmy Kilmister, Philip Campbell and Mikkey Dee in both Los Angeles, California and Wales, with production once again by Cameron Webb, "The Wörld Is Yours" serves to remind everyone that you should never stop questioning or critiquing a society that would surely chew you up and spit you if given half a chance. And with 10 soul-scorching testaments to the unbridled power this world-famous trio continually maintain, "The Wörld Is Yours" delivers some of the finest, most important Motörmusic yet.