MORDICHRIST Enlist New Drummer, Bassist

MORDICHRIST, the Swedish metal band featuring DARK FUNERAL guitarist Chaq Mol and vocalist Nenia, have secured the services of a new drummer and bass player. "We are going record our new songs in a new studio (when we are ready), but we are going use our old (abused) Subsonic studio for vokills," the band write on their web site.

MORDICHRIST recently announced plans to release a new seven-inch EP via Danza Ipnotica Records. The as-yet-untitled effort is expected to include at least two new songs.


MORDICHRIST previously issued a limited-edition (500 copies) 10-inch mini-LP via Danza Ipnotica.

MORDICHRIST's third demo, "The Blood Rise", which was recorded at the Subsonic studio, can be downloaded from the web site. The songs available for download are "Immemorial", "Blacken Bless" and "World of Shades".