MNEMIC Guitarist: 'METALLICA Are In The Best Shape Of Their Career'

Guitarist Mircea Gabriel Eftemie of the Danish modern metallers MNEMIC has issued the following update:

"All good things come to an end....

"This is just a tour recap as we came home a couple of days ago from a short run of three shows spread out on 10 days with the mighty, mighty super-incredible METALLICA!

"I must admit, we are one hell of a lucky band, to play with METALLICA for the fourth time. I don't care about all the other bands who have already played with them who all sell more records than us, I am just extremely happy that a bunch of rednecks like us, out of noman's land, the country of vikings, got the big opportunity to be on stage with one of the biggest heavy metal bands in the world! I've written it, and I'll write it again, METALLICA are in the best shape of their career and they are back stronger than ever! Watching them from stage, feeling the power and the energy and their joy for playing, just gets you the goosebumps and gets you pumped with more energy. I am pretty sure Robb and the rest of the gang in MACHINE HEAD would have to agree to that, 'cause we all were rockin' out to their songs!

"First day of the tour, we flew from Denmark to Poland in great shape, mood and spirit. We got picked up by our crew at the airport, and from there we where supposed to go to our hotel. Instead, our driver asked us if we wanted to view a place called the Auschwitz-Birkenau, which was on the way to the hotel. In case you've missed history lessons or lived underneath a big rock for a long time, it's, of course, one of the largest concentration camps of Nazi Germany, where about 1.6 million people where killed.

"It was a nice achievement for us to visit such a historical place and learn from it. Ironically, it was a very beautiful day, it was very hot and the sun was burning bright, but it was a very chilling experience once we where there. Again, we were all really happy to have visited such a historical place, but at the time we didn't say a word to each other, it was just a cold compressed atmosphere walking on ground where people were murdered.

"Anyways, we went to the hotel got drunk and woke up to a brand new day. First day of the tour, first show for METALLICA as their first show of their European leg. Everyone was, I guess, a bit nervous and excited at the same time, 'cause of a sold-out show and 60,000 people... not too bad, ey?

"We drove into this massive stadium and MH were already soundchecking. Last time we were in Poland was in 2003 and that was as support for MACHINE HEAD, so it was good seeing them again.

"After soundchecking and settling into our massive dressing room, with a view to the stadium, this tall gentleman walks in and instantly everyone knows that it's the man himself, Mr. James Hetfield! He is all the way without a doubt the coolest and the most bad-ass motherfucker on the planet authority must be his middle name! It's something you have to experience 'cause I can't put it in words. On the other hand, he goes, 'So you guys gonna play 'Dreamstate Emergency'?' and everyone's jaw just drops... Alright, he knows our songs and we are playing with them. What more can I ask for?? The show... well, a picture's worth a thousand words they say, so here we go [see below]: Poland you kick ASS!!

"After our show, MACHINE HEAD were on, and we even made a drunken sing-a-long on 'Davidian' on Phil's [Demmel, MACHINE HEAD guitarist] mic. What can I say?! GOOD TIMES!

"METALLICA was fucking mindblowing! Good songs and fireworks! Killer show! Mission accomplished for the first show and first day of the tour!

"Next stop was Spain/Madrid, his time we flew in on an early note, 'cause we needed to check out the city, eat some good food and see RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE who were playing Friday (we were set for Saturday). I must say that the Electric Weekend Festival was one of the best festivals we've played... compared to Rock Am Ring / Rock Im Park, this one ruled them ALL! The best part was the free bar on top of the FOH (the cabin where soundguys do their magic) with a perfect view to the stage and 40,000 fans. Booze all day, booze all night!

"The show in Spain was incredible, and being the first time playing Spain there where so many fans that we couldn't believe it! Thank you, you made us feel more than welcome and we will definitely come back. One of the pluses at the festival was that we even Javier Bardem. If you have seen 'No Country For Old Men', he is the dude who got an Oscar for playing a sicko.... It turned out that he was incredibly nice and a total metalhead! He was there, of course, for METALLICA and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Good times.

"On the last stop, we went to Czech Republic. Everyone was a bit hung over in Prague, but it was all good. Another massive show and again an opportunity to watch METALLICA. This time around we spoke about rehearsing 'Dreamstate Emergency' to incorporate it in the set, but never made it that far due to the early showtime. On top of this, it was also my birthday which I celebrated with a toilet paper roll stabbed with Danish flags in front of my hotel room!! Thanks guys That wasn't the relevant thing, the important thing was the METALLICA show. Again another highlight and another country that really fuckin kicked ass!

"On the tour we didn't really see Lars 'cause he'd been busy with the fans, which was all good. Throughout the METALLICA set, I was standing with the rest of the gang watching them from the side, and right when they began 'Damage Inc.', Lars' assistant comes up to me and tells me to follow him. I'm like, 'Oh shit What now??' We go behind stage, actually through the tunnel or bunker where the band goes between songs, to change guitars etc. and all of the sudden I stand behind Lars while they are playing 'Damage Inc.' (as first time on the tour)!! It's a fucking surreal situation, 'cause I can see the band standing with their back to me in front of 50.000 people playing one of my favorite songs now, that was the best b-day present I've ever had! Lars' assistant shows me the tag in the ceiling where it read 'Cockpit' and we both laugh. 'Damage Inc.' is done and Lars comes in, and we have a friendly chat in good ol' Danish, asks how everything has been, and on top of that actually apologizes that he didn't come earlier to say hi to us!! WTF!!?? I was really stoked and I was really impressed of how cool of a person he really is, being in one of the biggest heavy metal bands in the world.

"I can't be thankful enough for this opportunity, which is an advancement of progress for MNEMIC and we can all only be thankful towards METALLICA for this great fuckin opportunity!

"From all the lads in MNEMIC, we salute you and we thank you!"

Check out more photos at this location.


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