METALLICA's TRUJILLO Holding His Own With Rock Royalty

Alan Sculley of The Vancouver Province reports: Prior to joining METALLICA, bassist Robert Trujillo played with one of the most colorful figures in all of rock history, Ozzy Osbourne, serving as his bassist for seven years.

"I've learned how to cater to personalities, I think, pretty well, even when it comes to family," the soft-spoken Trujillo said. "With Ozzy, with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, we had interesting personalities. It's a part of being on a team, so to speak. It's probably no different than being on a baseball team or a football team. You've just got to know how to work with people and keep it together because everybody's different."

Trujillo sees METALLICA's James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, in particular, finding ways to deal with what has frequently been a competitive relationship.

"It's still there, but they don't have to, how would you say, there's a certain element of diffusion that each individual knows how to cater to," Trujillo said of the Hetfield-Ulrich rivalry. "If I'm mediating it or if Kirk's [Hammett] there to mediate, we can usually diffuse something before it gets ugly. Or again, especially Lars, he's been pretty good about stepping aside and letting things kind of smooth out in that way."

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