MEGADETH To Film 'Of Mice And Men' Video

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message on the group's web site:

"While 2005 brought much suffering and sadness to many people at its end, I hope for most of us here that were separated from such tragedy, that you had a terrific 2004.


"My heart still goes out to the Abbott family, the families who have lost loved ones in the ongoing war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and also the many millions of people around the world that had their family or a friend touched or worse by the Tsunami.

"Trivial as it may seem after saying that, I look forward to great 2005 with you all, near and far. As this final MEGADETH record and tour run its course, I have met or 're-met' many of you Droogs out there; some new, some old, some crusty.

"MEGADETH plans on doing the Euro/UK tour as you know, then tentatively to Japan and Oz, and hopefully South America, to be finished with one last victory lap of the States this summer.


"Since this is the final year of MEGADETH, it is also fitting to remind you that it has been twenty of the best years (and hardest) of my life. Yes, 'Killing Is My Business...' came out just a wee bit less than 20 years ago and by this May, it will have been our 20th anniversary. It is also fitting that a complete lyric book come out of all my songs, which will be out in the late spring/early summer.

"On a good note, I got to wish [former MEGADETH bassist] David Ellefson Happy New Years [Friday] night (I called him). Nothing more to report there.

"This month we, Glen, Shawn, Jimmy, and myself will play a 30th anniversary party for ESP, as well as us all roaming around winter NAMM. I know I will at least see El Duce there! Also, there will be a new video shot for 'Of Mice and Men' since it is going to be the next single.

"Then it is off to Ireland, and I cannot wait to do this last tour of Euro/UK, especially with DIAMOND HEAD. We are still trying to add 8 more shows to the end so that it is a round number of 30 shows over there and will keep you posted.

"My move [to Los Angeles from Phoenix] is almost over and shortly after that, I imagine the creative juices will start flowing for what GOD holds in store for me next with my career."