MEGADETH's MUSTAINE: 'This Is Kinda The Record I Have Been Waiting My Whole Career To Write'

MEGADETH is in the early stages of the songwriting process for the band's new album, which is tentatively expected sometime next year via Roadrunner Records. The CD is once again being helmed by acclaimed British producer Andy "Undie" Sneap, who produced MEGADETH's last album, "United Abominations" (May 2007, Roadrunner Records).

MEGADETH's forthcoming LP will be the group's first with guitarist Chris Broderick, who replaced Glen Drover at the end of last year.

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has issued a lengthy update via the "Forums" section of the band's official web site. A couple of excerpts from his posting follow below.

"It's official, Andy Sneap finally has a visa and can come back to the States to start, or 're-start,' the record. He will arrive to LAX Monday night and should be down to San Diego to his beach harem (my lil beachhouse), with his Unisom party pals.

"Speaking of party pals, Shawn Drover [drums] is coming back next week some time too. I just have to figure out when. I imagine with a few days of Andy to myself and the project alone with going over the remaining ideas, we should be able complete the demo process and commence with the tracking of the record.

"It may seem unnecessary for an established band to demo up material, but my thinking is that Andy is such a talented producer and I have such talented bandmates, and I have always taken what our fans think into consideration — not that I listen, but I take it into consideration. This is an important record for me and MEGS; hell, they all have been, but this is kinda the record I have been waiting my whole career to write. The timing is perfect for me, the climate is tumultuous, the economy is terrible, the world needs a hero, and we are one blink away from total annihilation. Sounds like I got my hole-shot!

"I am hoping against all hope that we will be done with the drum tracks by Christmas time, and that Shawn will be celebrating his Christmas at home in Atlanta — home of the fantastic Atlanta Braves, and one gazillion mosquitoes — and this is all contingent on me continuing to create new music, along with finding some gems from the past to work into or build off of for new song ideas. Going back over things you may already know, I don't mind going back and using pieces from earlier times. The riff for 'Rust In Peace' was written while I was in my band PANIC; two bands ago.

"I have to get up and try to fix my tractor. We have two corrals that need the fencing fixed on too, so I have a day of being a cowboy, and doing some chores with a mouthful of chewing tobacco! Yuck!

"I really enjoy being able to be outside and working out in the sun with my hands and getting things accomplished besides getting dirty. I have found the more that I invest in my family and my friendships the better days I have been having. Of course, that don't mean shit when coming up with songs about hating the government or aliens or whatever people think that I write about, but I am having a period in my life right now, where it seems like everything is exactly the way that it is supposed to be right now.

"I have a great drummer; I actually respect him and laugh with him; he knows metal better than even I do; he is very supportive and protective of me. We have a great time in the studio and he is the closest I have ever gotten to a drummer — I was close to Chuck [Behler] from all of the drug use, and close to Nick [Menza] for pretty much more of the same, and of course all of the success that we acquired with the 'Rust In Peace' lineup, but after Nick's departure and his successor arrival, I got very guarded and was very jaded towards any new 'drummers.'

"I have a great bassist; I respect and laugh with him too; he is very knowledgeable in the studio and in life in general; he is a 'little 'older' brother' and an ambassador; I thought we had lost that dignified bassist role when David Ellefson was let go, but James [Lomenzo] has completely assumed the position that his predecessor had, and then some. Filling Jr.'s shoes was a tall order because we were friends and I was so defensive after he 'you know what' that I doubted I would ever get close to a bassist or anyone after that. James, like Shawn, is one of my best friends.

"I have a great guitarist; I respect and laugh with him and we all laugh at him sometimes too; he is by far the most knowledgeable guitarist and musician we have ever had; he is by far one of the best guitarists and musicians we have ever had too; I get excited whenever we get to play together on stage and I hear him play his guitar and I get to say, 'That's MY guitar player!' He is healthy and a decent person, and he has his priorities in order: guitar, guitar, guitar! I am thrilled to imagine the possibilities with [Chris Broderick].

"Well, its time for me to sign off for today. I have to go take care of the horses and then to service, and then I am going to just read, read, read, all day long to get some ideas for lyrics and topics. I have some good ideas already, but I am trying to be very cautious of what I choose this time. I know some of you know me well enough to predict what i am going to write about, and that is why I am trying to be predictably unpredictable about this."

MEGADETH will embark on the "Priest Feast" European tour in February 2009 with headliners JUDAS PRIEST and openers TESTAMENT.


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