MEGADETH's MUSTAINE Preparing To Darken The Doorway Of A Church With His Shadow

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site:

"Well, another week has come and gone and we had a busy one over here in sunny Fallbrook. I met with the record company, new merch company, talked with my agents and band, my webmasters here and at MySpace, our DVD director, one of the artists for the band, the publishing company, the business manager, the attorney, the personal manager, the storekeeper, Ken (engineer on 'United Abominations'), DigiDesign, AND did interviews, while being a daddy and husband. [Author reserves the right to a pseudo-Alzheimer moment if I have forgotten someone.]

"The best part, though, besides my family and my immediate inner circle, is coming here and seeing you every day whilst I am at home. Those that I know (sorta) are even more fun to see. In the meantime with getting the 'life in order' bit, I have found tons of old demo tapes again, so my creative juices are flowing! Especially with everything going on!! Touring, new releases, yikes!!! Time to start sorting out a wompazillion files. UGH!

"Things are good with the label and we talked about what to do next, as well as the video for whatever single we choose and what director. We also have the making of 'United Abominations' to discuss. I also talked to EMI about the box set (which I was listening to while writing this morning), and to the artist for the project to wrap this release up for the future. I love some of the really rare stuff on 'United Abominations', and there are a few songs on the record I would skip, but they are so important for telling the whole story of MEGADETH, that I left them in there.

"Next was talking to the folks at Image about the remaining songs from 'That One Night', as well as finishing up the Gigantour 2006 film featuring MEGS and LAMB OF GOD, and that meant getting my schedule sorted stat! I am almost finished fixing my studio to do video editing and I hope to start with Michael Sarna as soon as possible on the work in front of us. We have so much stuff to do; CD from Image, the extra songs, the 06 DVD, and the making of the 'United Abominations' record video, and that's not including if we choose him to do a video again, instead of just make films.

"We started working out our schedules for the upcoming NAMM show, and I think it is very possible that all four of us will be there at the same time. It would be rad to do a little private party for you Droogies through Dean, but it would probably be a logistical nightmare.

"The official MEGADETH eBay store will have loads o' new stuff coming in, and I think the band guys are going to send some stuff the storekeepers' way again soon, too.

"Lastly, for now, I can say we have about 40-50 more shows this year, and then we break for the holidays. We are going to have a heavy schedule for next year, and promise to try our best to see you all.

"So now I am going back to sorting my studio and deciding which new songs to add into our headlining set in the States. Now that we have gotten some good road behind us, I want to keep playing stuff that exhilarates me. It is hard to decide which songs to play or not. I may need your help again. Thankfully, James [Lomenzo, bass] knows a lot of the back catalogue and we can mix it up each night. I sometimes worry about the people that won't get to hear the songs they are familiar with, instead of us taking a trip down memory lane, deep into our catalogue.

"Well, it's time to prepare my body to darken the doorway of a church with my shadow."

(Thanks: Megadeth - Rattlehead HQ)


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