Jeffrey Easton of The Metal Exiles recently conducted an exclusive interview with MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine. Several excerpts from the chat follow:

The Metal Exiles: It was just announced that you split from Sanctuary. Why was that?

Dave: It expired.

The Metal Exiles: There was no reason for you to renew the deal?

Dave: "I will say there were things that happened towards the end that I did not agree with."

The Metal Exiles: As far as Gigantour goes, was there anybody that turned you down?

Dave: "Turned me down? Well, I cannot really think of any bands that turned me down but there was one band that we talked to but one of the members was talking poorly about one of the other bands on the festival. We decided to not proceed with that and they also have conflicting schedules. I asked what their schedule was and he said he had two concerts over a two-month period. I said, 'Dude, do you realize you are going to play for upwards to 300,000 people?'"

The Metal Exiles: Well, those concerts mean a lot to him.

Dave: "Evidently so and I am not one to say that he did the wrong thing. My role in rock 'n' roll history is to make the right decisions so that people that come after me have it that much easier."

The Metal Exiles: Speaking of, how do you feel about "The System Has Failed" now?

Dave: "I still like the record because it is the best record I have put out in years. It is kind of sad with the way things are now, I wish the situation were different. Unfortunately everything is new but I know I have another record in me."

The Metal Exiles: Would that be a MEGADETH or Dave record?

Dave: "I am not sure about that yet. I do know this, there will be some exciting times in the next few years. I will be spending some time with my family and getting to know my new bandmates, which I really like."

The Metal Exiles: To go back some, you were in "The Metal Years". How did you get roped into appearing in that movie?

Dave: "I always liked Penelope and I think she is a fantastic lady. When she asked us to play in that movie I was thrilled. If I had of know that I was going to be associating with all of those poseurs I would have been scared to. Half of the guys in that movie were such buffoons."

The Metal Exiles: That is probably why she put you at the end.

Dave: "It is like what I said earlier, you do not have to guess what I am thinking, and we do not do this for the almighty dollar. We do not, we never have. We have played places that I could have charged a hefty fee, but I do not do that which is why I think I still have respect in this business. A lot of people think I am difficult — I am not, and I am driven. A lot of people think I am an asshole. I may be an asshole to you if you ask me to do something I do not want to do and I say no. It is like you go up to a girl at the dance and you ask her to dance with you. She says 'No,' so you say, 'OK, bitch, you do not know what you are missing.' I consider myself to be a professional and I know we are all in this together. You and me are partners, whether you know it or not. If you say something bad about me, it is not that you are out to get me, it is your job. You are out to get people to say something interesting so people will read your stuff."

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