MASSACRE 'Vokillist' KAM LEE Issues European Tour Recap

MASSACRE/DENIAL FIEND "vokillist" Kam Lee has issued the following update:

"OK, so let me sum up the MASSACRE Re-Animated/DENIAL FIEND Flesheating European Tour!

"All in all, it was a good tour... not the best, not the worst... hell, we could have toured the whole thing in a van... that would have sucked.

"Yet, a single tour bus with 25 people... (not to mention — when we did the last three days with EXTREME NOISE TERROR and then there was like 32 people on the bus...) and you people think it's all fun and games.

"Have you ever smelled what 30 guys' sweaty stinky feet smells like in a small space confined space... not to mention sweaty ass-crack, sweaty armpits, and sweaty ball funk? And who knows what other strange putrid stink was coming outta that bus.

"Yet, all in all it was a good feeling all around... met a ton of good fiends on this tour... EXTERMINATOR guys, SUICIDAL ANGEL dudes, ASHURA guys, all great fiends and friends. EXTREME NOISE TERROR — what a great bunch of Brits! Totally cool and fun!

"Paul Speckmann from MASTER was our merchandise guy, and he was amazingly great... Paul is the Master!

"The tour manager — and all from Kraftevention.

"I, however, hated staying at truck stops for nine hours several times on tour... that was weak, that was shit, and that just plan SUCKED!

Now... let's talk about the shows.

"OK, first, hands down — Greece was the the best!!! Best show we did... best crowd... best food... best-looking women ever! The women of Greece are total babes... WOW!

"Next would be, say, either Dublin, Ireland, Rotterdam Holland, and Denmark... these shows come in second, third, and forth... but not really sure which was the better of the three. All in all these were great shows.

"I would have to say the worst being Switzerland and France... being for two reasons... one — Switzerland was a great venue, top of the line, cool place, but the crowd attendence was weak ass sloppy shit! France was a good crowd, but a shitty-ass place to play... We played in a basement boiler room, of which I called 'Freddy Kreuger's Boiler Room'... the top side of the venue would have been great to play, but instead we played on some stairs to a bar in a boiler room.

"So a personal FUCK OFF from me goes to that venue... FUCK YOU, if you ever want me back in that place, better put us on the REAL stage... and not back in the shithole boiler room... so FUCK OFF!

"Every show wasn't the top of the line, and no show totally sucked... all in all, it was a good tour... but not the best!

"The crowd that was there were the 'true-real' fans, and that's what really counts.

"MASSACRE fans came out of the holes and cracks to see us... and we got to showcase DENIAL FIEND to the fans.

"Seems a lot of people didn't know what to make of DF at first, but once the vibe kicked in... I think a few fiends got it... and we hooked in some new fans for DF as well!!

"Well, all I'm going to close with is this... it was an experience all in all... I learned a lot, and I know how to handle things for the future... what went wrong, and what went right, and next time it should be even better!

"So in closing I want to THANK all the real fans that came out and supported us... both DENIAL FIEND and MASSACRE, and I hope to see you all next time when we return with DENIAL FIEND!"

Watch fan-filmed video footage of MASSACRE performing the song "Provoked Accuser" at the Baroeg in Rotterdam, Holland on November 2 2007 (courtesy of "philty11")


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