MARTY FRIEDMAN: 'For The Record, I Hate Instrumental Music'

Morley Seaver of recently conducted an interview with former MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman:

On his new solo album, "Loudspeaker":

Marty: "Over the last three years or so I have been extremely active in the public eye in Japan, but outside of Japan many of my longtime fans were certainly wondering if I was still the kind of guitar player that I always was. I wanted to show everyone that not only was I the same artist I always was, but a totally powered-up version of that guy. I am very fortunate because I am my very hardest critic, but I feel that my music is truly getting better as is my playing.

"For the record, I hate instrumental music, especially guitar-based instrumental music. I have always liked the sound of heavy metal music in the studio at the point just before the vocals are recorded. That sound feels great. So the goal is to have that sound as the base, but make the actual content fun enough, interesting enough, powerful enough and cool enough to not make you miss the vocalist. That is my constant standard while writing and playing. And it is tough!'

On living in Japan:

Marty: "I always follow my musical goals. I have been a huge fan of Japanese pop music since the mid-'90s, so it came to the point that if I actually want to do it, and do it for real, I have to live in Japan. It was a great decision and a lot of my musical and professional goals have already been attained and exceeded, and it seems to just keep getting better as well. As far as other countries, I have been lucky enough to visit so many places on tour that I usually unconsciously tap into their music and make it my own in a weird way. I can't ignore new music. It just sticks to me."

Video footage of former MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman and his solo band performing in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands on April 6, 2007 has been posted on YouTube:

"Street Demon": Video
"Elixir": Video

Friedman and his band filmed a live DVD at the final show of their current in Tokyo, Japan, which took place last night (Saturday, May 12). Friedman was once again accompanied by fellow guitarist Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWER, SPASTIC INK, BLOTTED SCIENCE), bassist Chris Catero (RAZER, ex-WARDOG), and drummer Jeremy Colson (STEVE VAI, ex-MSG, DALI'S DILEMMA) for one last show at the Ebisu Liquid Room in Tokyo. An absolutely barnstorming live album was recorded in Europe last month and the live DVD will feature a different set list and tons of surprises. Both the live CD and the live DVD will be released later this year.

As previously reported, a video clip of Marty Friedman performing the Israeli national anthem "Ha- Tikva" (The Hope) on April 7 at the Theater Club in Tel Aviv, Israel has been posted online at (Note: The clip also includes a short interview with Marty). Friedman kicked off his sold-out solo concert at the venue with the national anthem before playing his own material. A number of pictures from the Tel Aviv concert have been posted online at the web site of Metalist magazine (Note: the Friedman photos begin on page 4).

Friedman's new solo album, entitled "Loudspeaker", received its North American release in March via Shrapnel Records.


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