MANDY LION Talks About Working With SHARON OSBOURNE's Father, JAKE E. LEE recently conducted an interview with WWIII vocalist Mandy Lion. Several excerpts from the chat follow:

Full in Bloom Music: Eventually, you met Don Arden, who is not only known for being one of the elite managers, managing BLACK SABBATH, but also for the fact, that Sharon Osbourne is his daughter. What was it like working with him over the years and what were some of the aspects that set him apart from other managers?

Mandy: "Don Arden is about as close to a real life Godfather as you can get... Just to give you an idea how heavy this guy is... The manager for LED ZEPPELIN (Peter Grant) started as Don Arden's chauffeur! He and his son David Arden made more stars and had a bigger influence on modern music than any other team in the history of music... Absolute geniuses. Don and David scare the shit out of most people but since we had that in common, we got along just fine. I am still friends with both of them."

Full in Bloom Music: What has it been like to work with Vinny Appice and Jimmy Bain? Any cool moments stand out from the rest?

Mandy: "Working with Jimmy and Vinny was a dream come true for a very young Mandy Lion... These guys are everything you heard they are and then some. Great people as well as awesome musicians."

Full in Bloom Music: What was the deal with you being touted as a neo-Nazi? Was it the self-titled CD that has the Hitler slogan on it and wasn't it even misspelled? What was the slogan? How do you feel about it?

Mandy: "The Hitler slogan... [laughs] Well, let me tell you a story about the dumbest motherfucker to ever walk this planet... Once upon a time there was a retard by the name of Steve Jones (NOT the guy from the SEX PISTOLS) who was a frustrated and failed musician who hoped that since no one wanted to hear his ideas he would find a victim (a band) whom would indulge him in using his dumb ass songs and ideas... Unfortunately that band he hoped would do that for him was WWIII. When he realized that Mandy had his own ideas he felt the only way to get his idiotic ideas heard and seen was to just not tell me and go behind my back. This moron felt that being a Nazi band would sell CDs! When I told him I thought that was stupid for one and I was not into the whole Nazi thing he decided to put that slogan on the CD anyway. I remember trying to get him to show me the final artwork for the CD but he would have one excuse after another until the CD actually came out! I had not seen the CD until I eventually went to a store and bought a copy for myself! When I opened that CD I just about lost it! There it was! A Hitler slogan! AND IT WAS SPELLED WRONG!!!! Can you imagine this idiot spelling it wrong...??? Not only did this ass make me look like a Nazi but he made me look like an illiterate Nazi! Someone should kick his mother's ass for shitting him onto this planet on that dreadful cursed day! Ugh!!!"

Full in Bloom Music: After WWIII, you began working with Jake E. Lee, who is one of my all-time favorite guitarist, aside from that, I am probably one of a few that actually believes that the records he did with Ozzy were the best of the Ozzy catalog; to this day, I still think the song, "Waiting for Darkness" is one of the great gems from the entire era. I read some interviews with Ozzy and other musicians who have played with him and they always said that Jake was very quiet and kept to himself and then disappeared. What is your impression of him and what is Jake like to work with?

Mandy: "I agree with your opinion on Jake... I feel that Jake is one of the most gifted players ever! The man is much more talented than people even know because you only see a tiny bit of what he is capable of in any given band. The man is an amazing artist, great performer and one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. Nothing but respect for that man. Working with him was not easy as it never is when one is working with a true genius but I am glad I had the opportunity to work with him."

Full in Bloom Music: It seems that when the guy decides to disappear, he is able to do it very well. Does he not take calls during this time, or does he move and never send contact info to anyone? What's up with that shit?

Mandy: "You are right... When Jake decides to disappear he is gone... I have no idea what he is up to at this moment but I hope the best for him."

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