MANDY LION On Internet 'Mud-Slingers', Dog Fighting And DON ARDEN

Vocalist Mandy Lion (WWIII, WICKED ALLIANCE) has posted the following message on his MySpace page:

"As most of you know, every now and then I will answer the most asked and some of the more interesting questions here instead of answering individually. Unfortunately MySpace only allows for 800 e-mails combined on my two pages and that means that every day thousands of your e-mails won't be answered. I appreciate your patience and understanding."

Q: Mandy, is it really you answering your mail here on MySpace?

Mandy: "Yes it is. I know that most nationals have people answering their mail for them but the way I see it is like this... The fans are the people who have and still are allowing me to do what I do for all these years. This is why I will do whatever I can to show my appreciation. Every day I put aside time to read and answer as many letters as I can. I could do what most other acts will do and have someone answer my mail for me and without a doubt that would mean that people would get a quicker response but I don't want to do that. At least you know that when you get a response it really is me even if it takes longer..."

Q: How do you feel about these mud-slingers you see on certain web sites where they put down and criticize bands and performers? Should these kind of people be allowed to put down bands?

Mandy: "This is a more interesting question than meets the eye... First of all, I believe in free speech. I believe that everyone should have the right to say whatever they want even if I don't agree with it. Besides... what kind of harm can people like that really do? If someone takes time out of their day to write about me or any other musical act, good or bad, I say let them. Who cares? Anyone powerful enough to do harm to someone's career has a life and therefore will not waste their time in this manner. On the other hand, anyone who does that has NOTHING going on and therefore has NO power to do any kind to harm anyone's career. Which is precisely why they are doing what they are doing. They are frustrated with their own failed life and they need to lash out at someone. It is a little sad, actually... Look at it this way... The next time you see someone putting down your favorite band on some web site, don't get upset. Instead just realize that no person with any kind of life whatsoever would take time out of their day to mud-sling an artist. If I don't like an artist, I just don't listen to them. I am also not dumb enough to believe that my opinion matters. Art is not something that can be judged. Either you like something or you do not. Does that make it bad art? Of course not! It just means that you don't like it. For example, I don't like to listen to THE BEATLES. Do I think that THE BEATLES suck? Of course not! THE BEATLES are absolutely awesome! The fact that I don't like their music does not change the fact that they are ridiculously great. Only a stupid person would make a statement on subjective art thinking that their opinion matters. Saying that something is bad because one does not personally like it is the idiot's way to express the frustration of his or her failed life. Intelligent people express preferences but do not lower themselves in that way. Can you imagine Lemmy, Ronnie Dio, or anyone with an actual career writing a hate post? Of course not. A real person with a life, a brain and common sense would see that as a complete waste of time. So, instead of getting upset about the mud-slingers just laugh it off and be glad that they are announcing themselves to the whole world as morons. Another great aspect of free speech... Every person is allowed to make an ass out of themselves... it is a win-win situation for the rest of us... Don't you think?"

Q: You own a fighting breed of dog. How do you feel about dog fighting?

Mandy: "Dog fighting is the single most hideous activity there is. Anyone involved in that is a dickless worm with no right to live and if they cross my path I am going to introduce them to a level in pain which does not exist in hell itself. Dogs are the greatest gift on earth and should be treated as the treasures they are. Dogs are living and breathing love. This football playing bitch who recently got busted will hopefully get what IT deserves. If I ever run into him, you will read about it in the paper..."

Q: When will the next CD be available?

Mandy: "We are shooting for first quarter of 2008."

Q: There are a lot of people who said that Don Arden was a bad guy but you wrote a very nice post about him when he died. Why do you think so many people didn't like him?

Mandy: "You can judge a person's power by the number of enemies they have. This plays right into the earlier question about mud-slingers... It is like little crazy Chihuahuas biting at the big dog's foot. Losers hate winners just for having success... Don Arden was a winner... He brought us more artists than anyone else and music would not be the same without him. Don Arden was a great manager, genius and a dear friend. I noticed that people who said bad things about him didn't know him. Who are you going to believe? Some guy who never met Don writing something negative hiding behind his computer or someone who knew him personally? Don was a great man and I will miss him."

Q: What is the best and the worst thing about the music business?

Mandy: "The worst thing is the politics of this business and the best thing... THE FANS!"


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