LIMP BIZKIT's DURST To Spanish Journalist: 'Get Some Balls'

LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst has responded to an "open letter" from a Spanish rock journalist who has accused him of "once again disrespect[ing] [his] fans" by challenging the writer to stand near the stage at a BIZKIT concert after Durst was "insulted" in a one-to-one interview with the reporter.

In a lengthy posting to LIMP BIZKIT's web site, Durst said that he became furious after Jordi Meya, from Rock Sound magazine, asked him: "You have a knack for pissing people off, why is that?"

Durst said: "It not only amazes me that this guy was picked to interview me, but that he is a journalist for one of the most popular music magazines in Europe."

In his open letter to Fred, Meya insisted that it was Durst who in fact "insulted" him, saying that the singer "overreacted to a question that lots of [LIMP BIZKIT] fans around Spain have in their minds."

Writing in response to Jordi's letter, Durst said, "First off, let me say our fans in Spain are in for a treat big-time and that comes right from us.

"Secondly, we'd like to put a call out to any other serious journalist in Spain who would like to do a real interview with us, but to you [referring to Jordi] I say 'no thanks' and I'd rather kick your fake ass. Anyone interested should contact our Universal reps in Spain.

"We are confident that both your readers and our fans are smarter than you give them credit for.

"I'm still me and there is no new anybody. No one will know what was really said in our conversation and the negative energy you poured out over the phone to provoke me in the first place. Only you and I will know. As for your clever twist on our conversation, I'm sure a lot of your readers and many others will believe in what you say and once again be misled by the press, but that's life and I am fine with that.

"Neither LIMP BIZKIT nor I need to redeem ourselves because of any actions in the past. We tour because we love the connection with fans and we will give Spain exactly what LIMP BIZKIT can on the night of the show. We aren't puppets on a stage. We are real people with real lives that love connecting with our fans — I am a real person that didn't take your negative approach to an interview and you just don't know what to do with yourself. True relationships are unconditional and are made of support and understanding. If you understood, then you would probably have a different attitude.

"Go ahead and respond because this is when the 'big asshole rock star' helps a 'little ol' nobody' like you get a 'break,' right? And when you're done, get over it and get some balls.

"I love Spain and everyone everywhere at that, regardless of whether they are a LIMP BIZKIT fan or not. And if we didn't stand up for ourselves and what we believe in, how pathetic would we be? Looks like neither of us is pathetic.

"Preach on baby. They're listening. Peace."


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