KITTIE File Lawsuit Against Their Record Label

Canadian metal band KITTIE are suing their U.S. record label, Artemis Records, for $900,000, the London Free Press has reported.

KITTIE and their producer, Garth Richardson, filed suit yesterday in New York against Artemis, citing numerous counts of breach of contract, a statement from the band said.


The band are seeking $900,000 from Artemis, KITTIE's management representative said.

The suit names Sheridan Square Entertainment, LLC — parent company of Artemis Records, the label to which KITTIE are signed — as defendant.

Details about the suit were released by KITTIE's publicist. They have yet to be proven in court.


David Lander, father of KITTIE's guitarist/singer Morgan Lander and drummer Mercedes Lander, says the band are also seeking more than $120,000 US for Richardson. The Juno-nominated producer and son of legendary Canadian record producer Jack Richardson has worked on KITTIE's recordings.

The band and producer made the decision to file the lawsuit after their auditing company, McGladrey & Pullen, reported that the band was owed about $900,000 in royalties and other compensation "in accordance with the current contract's prescribed accounting methods," the band's statement said.

Additionally, the audit revealed Richardson was owed more than $120,000, said the statement.

"The band is very disappointed that this process has to take place," David Lander of K.M.A. Entertainment, KITTIE's management company, said in the statement. "This suit should not come as a surprise to Artemis, as Garth and KITTIE have been demanding that monies owed be rectified since the audit's completion."

A representative from Artemis Records could not be reached for comment yesterday. Its newly opened Canadian office could not be reached.


KITTIE's debut album, "Spit", sold more than 600,000 copies in the U.S. and more than 40,000 in Canada.

The band's follow-up album, "Oracle", has not sold as well.

KITTIE are recording demos at a Canadian studio, David Lander said. Their contract with Artemis calls for two more recordings, he said.