KISS Re-Recording Classic Material With Current Lineup

Sakis Nikas of recently conducted an interview with KISS drummer Eric Singer. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow: Will you change the set-list for the upcoming tour in Europe?

Eric Singer: I am not sure, yet but I think that we will do a special set-list for the European audiences, so as to express our gratitude for making this tour so succesful. You will like it wait and see. I was talking with Paul [Stanley] a few days ago and he told me that he didn't expect the success of the European tour, at least at such extent. Did you see it coming?

Eric Singer: Well, I have to say that I agree with Paul 100%. Nobody expected that this tour would be bigger than the Reunion tour and especially for Paul and Gene [Simmons] was a big surprise but also a big satisfaction. Tickets are selling out fast everywhere that's great! That means that there will come a time when KISS will be a band without any of the original members in the line-up. At least, Paul has said so.but do you think that this is possible?

Eric Singer: Let me tell you this: Never say never with KISS! I won't rule anything out. Do you see yourself in a few years in KISS and at the same time being the oldest of the line-up?

Eric Singer: I would like thatwhy not? But, despite what Paul says about KISS carrying on without him, the truth is that I haven't seen anyone that could replace Paul! I have seen many tribute bands and the problem was always the fact that nobody, and I mean nobody, could immitate Paul's voice or moves. There's only one Paul Stanley! I agree! Tell me somethingyou were there without make-up and now you are playing with the famous cat make-up. Do you see any differences in the band from all the years that have passed by?

Eric Singer: Well, I think that the band, now, knows exactly what it wants regarding the live shows and its career in general. In the early '90s we were thinking about things like which direction we should follow, what kind of an album we will release, the stage show etc. Now we offer exactly what the people want: A KISS show with full make-up, fireworks, explosions, platform boots and all the other stage acts that will entertain each and everyone! Each KISS fan has grown up in a different phase of KISS career "Asylum", "Revenge", the 70s records etc. We try to please as many as we canafter all everybody loves the make-up show! Is there any truth to the rumor that KISS entered the studio recently to re-record some classic songs from the back catalogue?

Eric Singer: Where did you hear that? I have my sourceswell, is it valid information?

Eric Singer: I will tell you, but tell me first who told you? Jimmy Hasliphe saw you in the studio a while ago and he was quite certain that Paul had told him that KISS re-recorded old tracks

Eric Singer: OK! Yes, that's true! You know that many bands re-record songs so as to have the control over the copyrights. For example, if someone asks for a KISS tune, the band doesn't have to get into a bureaucracy with the record label. It is very convenient Tommy Thayer sang "Shock Me", causing some turmoil amongst the KISS Army. Would you sing "Beth" if Paul and Gene asked you to?

Eric Singer: Yeah, although I don't really think that Gene would ask me (to do) such thing as he doesn't like ballads at all. But, I wouldn't have any problem. It's not a sign of disrespectI know that almost everybody has linked this song to Peter Criss. But at the same time, it is a good song and by singing it I only show respect to KISS and Peter.

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