JANI LANE's Ex-Wife: WARRANT Members' Failure To Show Up At His Memorial Was 'Very Hurtful'

Bobbie Brown, an actress and model and probably best known as the video vixen in WARRANT's "Cherry Pie" video, spoke to the Legendary Rock Interviews web site about the passing of ex-husband, former WARRANT singer Jani Lane.

Brown, who met Lane on the set of the "Cherry Pie" video, married the singer in 1990 and had one daughter with Jani, Taylar Jayne Lane, before the couple divorced in 1993.

Lane suffered from "acute ethanol poisoning" when he died at a Comfort Inn motel room in Woodland Hills, California on August 11.

The singer had battled alcoholism for years and also had a history of alcohol-related arrests.

According to TMZ.com, a note saying "I am Jani Lane" was found in the former WARRANT singer's pocket on the day he died. However, Jani, who had no official ID on him when his body was discovered, isn't believed to have written the note himself.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ.com that the note contained a phone number for a person close to Jani, and police contacted that person after Jani's body was discovered.

Investigators confirmed to TMZ.com that the note was written by one of Jani's friends who had placed a similar note on Jani in the past.

Although a bottle of pills was reportedly found near Lane's body, toxicology reports don't list any drugs other than alcohol in his system. "There were reports that someone had brought him food but there was no food in his system for the last two days," Brown told Legendary Rock Interviews. "His [third] wife [Kimberly] tells me that he died with a smile on his face and the coroner tells me that it looked like he had to have been screaming at the top of his lungs."

During the Legendary Rock interview, Brown revealed that Jani called her three weeks before his death while he was separated from his third wife. "Unfortunately, that was also at the same time as his two daughters were deciding to do the 'tough-love' thing with him," she said. "I sorta understood because they had tried every other way they could think of to get through to him so they tried the whole tough-love thing and said, 'Don't call me, I fuckin' hate you. I'm mad at you,' trick but that's just fucked up. He was trying to call them and reach them and tell them he loved them and get my number and they'd be, like, yelling at me like, 'Don't call him back!!' but I did, and when he asked me to move in, I said no. But then felt like I had fucked up, maybe I should have let him come stay with me and this [his death] wouldn't have happened."

When asked for her opinion on how Lani's former WARRANT bandmates publicly handled Jani's death, Bobbie said, "They were very close in the early days and all that, but you have to understand that their bitterness comes from all the years that came after that.

"First of all, everyone knows that Jani wrote everything — Jani was WARRANT — and when he decided to leave the band and do his own solo thing, or started pulling out of tours and that shit, that's where that resentment started on the part of the other guys. He would commit and then pull out, commit and pull out and they would really be stuck by Jani's constant torment about what he wanted to do musically or artistically or how he wanted to be seen which would fuck with WARRANT really bad. These guys really relied on him for being the face of WARRANT and the songs and so on and they got Jaime St. James [BLACK 'N BLUE] to sing for them when Jani left, but it was never quite the same and it never will be. Then, finally, finally, FINALLY, they tried so hard to make all of these amends and get it right for that last attempt at a reunion in 2008 and Jani just fucked the whole entire thing up with his alcoholism — not intentionally, but just because of his disease — and WARRANT had a lot riding on that so they just fuckin HAD it with him and his shit and replaced him. That was like a really big moment for them — to do like MÖTLEY [CRÜE] and capitalize on the original lineup 'reunion' thing and tour and keep it going and Jani just fucked the whole thing up. The first show in, he was fuckin up and it was all over the Internet and that's those guys' livelihood now and they all have families and people relying on them, so they really invested a lot in the hope that Jani would get it together and follow through, but he just couldn't. He crashed and burned and ruined it with his alcoholism, publicity-wise, finance-wise, and that's why they are still carrying that chip on their shoulder about it."

Regarding the fact Lani's former WARRANT bandmates failed to make an appearance at Jani's memorial concert in Hollywood, Brown said, "I was upset that they didn't show up or do anything for him and that they did these interviews where they were kind of shit-talking him. It was like, C'mon, dude, he wasn't trying to fuck your life up intentionally, it wasn't something he set out to do.' If anything, he was the one that gave you a career and a life because without those songs, nobody would have ever even heard of WARRANT. They would not exist today, so they should be more grateful to Jani than anyone. I know that they had a lot invested in Jani's return and his disease fucked everything up for them, but to be honest with you, they didn't care about ANY of that. They only cared about the band's career and were in it to win it and pull it off for themselves. They could give a fuck less about Jani's problems, they just wanted that sweet reunion tour glory and payday. The fact that none of them showed up was very hurtful to us."


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