Italian Heavy Metal TV Show Cancelled Following Discussion Of Satanism

"Extreme Metal", the heavy metal video program which aired on the Italian satellite music channel Rock TV, has been officially shut down. The host of the show, ANCIENT/FAUST guitarist Aleister, was dismissed from Rock TV after a musician that made a guest appearance on "Extreme Metal" professed his belief in Satanism while responding to a text message sent in by one of the home viewers. The text message read: "I would like to ask you if the various occult symbols you use have a true meaning for you or you do it just for show." The response by the guest in question was: "It isn't for show — we believe in it, and I feel that the beliefs of people should not be criticized. I believe in it and my albums are always full of these meanings. If anyone wants to talk about Satanism, I am here — I am not afraid to hide my ideology."

Within 24 hours of the show's airing, Aleister was dismissed from the channel and is no longer involved with any of the other Rock TV shows he worked on, including "Morning Glory".

Over the course of 13 episodes, Aleister gave 14 underground bands a chance to appear on TV and speak about their music and art, which are constantly ignored by the mainstream media in Italy. As a result of Aleister's dismissal, 25 other bands which have been confirmed and booked for the show months ago will no longer have the opportunity to be seen/heard via Rock TV, since the channel has decided to no longer air any show similar to "Extreme Metal".

Commented Aleister: "I am very disappointed and sorry for what has happened because once again metal music has been shut out of a TV channel. I was dismissed from all other shows as well, like 'Morning Glory' where I was [responsible for bringing in] some of the highest text message [revenue to] the channel — a show that had nothing to do with 'Extreme Metal'. I am also disappointed of how the cooperation with Rock TV ended (43 minutes after the show in question, I was fired), for something that was not my fault and which was out of my control — something that could have been resolved in a less extreme manner, with more respect towards me and the many bands that were booked to appear to the show. I thought I deserved a little respect after years of great [work] with 'Extreme Metal', 'Morning Glory' and the many interviews I did with bands for the channel without any problems and the hard work I put into Rock TV for free on my part, since my cooperation with the channel was merely a hobby and pleasure… I wasn't getting paid for what I was doing. I have always been involved in the world of Rock TV with passion and enthusiasm and with maximum availability towards them. I have always selected the guests to appear on the show to the best of my abilities and knowledge, trying to filter them as much as possible so no one could be offended, but I cannot be responsible if suddenly someone decides to say something [questionable] on air, even if I don't feel that what was said is so tragic. Unfortunately, this person had already come to the channel for another show and he behaved very well.

"I respect everyone's ideology and beliefs without exceptions and without hostility. Unfortunately this thing happened and I was held fully guilty and responsible for it. I was removed completely from the channel and the show closed, with no more chances for underground metal bands to promote their music. This decision was made so I want to take this opportunity to say 'hi' and 'thank you' to all the bands that have been guests at my shows and all the bands that were supposed to come and have seen that chance fade."

The connection between heavy metal and Satanism made national headlines in Italy after the bodies of two members of the Italian heavy metal cult Beasts Of Satan were uncovered in June 2004 in a two-meter deep grave in a wood in northern Italy. They were allegedly killed six years earlier in a satanic sacrifice.

19-year-old Chiara Marino and 16-year-old Fabio Tollis were last seen in January 1998 leaving a pizzeria with other members of their group.

Italian media said witness statements showed Marino and Tollis died during a cocaine-fuelled ritual where Marino, a petite brunette, was killed under a full moon by a knife plunged into her heart.

For more information on the Beasts of Satan murders, click here.


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