IRON MAIDEN's 'Death On The Road' DVD To Receive Long-Awaited U.S. Release

Available for almost a year in the band's native England, IRON MAIDEN's latest live DVD, "Death on the Road", will finally receive a much-deserved U.S. release on January 30. Filmed at the Westenfalenhalle Arena in Dortmund, Germany, the performance was personally edited by founding member/bassist Steve Harris, to fully capture the magnificent stage production and to cut right to the heart and the electricity of the band's performance. "We realize that the fans have been made to wait a little longer than planned for the DVD to come out," admits Harris. "We won't settle for anything but the best and the extra time and effort spent in the final production of this DVD should be apparent. I can safely say that when people see songs like 'Paschendale' and 'Dance of Death' their jaws will hit the floor as mine did when I saw the final product on my TV at home. With visuals like this and the show played in 5.1 on a decent system it's just like being in the front rows of the show." To ensure top quality and to avoid any compromise in reproducing the very best possible sound and picture quality, the band has taken the unprecedented step of making the full concert available on two separate discs — one with full traditional stereo soundtrack and the other with specially mixed 5.1 sound by Kevin "Caveman" Shirley — which along with the special features disc makes three discs in all. As with all officially released MAIDEN DVDs issued thus far, "Death on the Road" contains oodles of bonus material (this time, three hours' worth), including an exclusive documentary directed by Matthew Amos — who also directed the band's award-winning "Early Days" documentary. It's an insight into the production of the "Dance of Death" album from its writing and recording through to the detail in what it takes to get a massive show like MAIDEN on the road. Also included are all of the promo videos from the album, background interviews with members of the production crew and fans during the tour, artwork, design sketches, and photo galleries. Since the taping of "Death on the Road", IRON MAIDEN has issued the critically heralded "A Matter of Life and Death" album, which has sold 153,000 copies in the United States since its Sept. 5 release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Up next for the group is a headlining spot at the Dubai (United Arab Emirates) Desert Rock Festival on March 9, which will see IRON MAIDEN joined by the likes of THE PRODIGY, STONE SOUR, IN FLAMES, MASTODON, CHILDREN OF BODOM, LAUREN HARRIS and JUNKYARD GROOVE.